Gametime Pt. 2 Lyrics

Quin NFN Lyrics

Aye man, n***as know sh*t, when i blow sh*t on granny n***as know i ain't playin bout none of that on everything
Aye, hold on
Hold on
NFN, on gang
Aye, say

He say he want action we not finna play with him
If you rock with him you lay with with him
Cooling kit on him cus bro gotta K with him
It’ll wipe out a gymnasium
Wet his a** up like the chopper was bathing him
All of these beats i be craving em
Hair trigger on go, if you act up we shaving em
Nino my son i be raising him
Bodies on bodies, got shotties on shotties you better just pray it dont hit you
Ice everywhere when you walk in my crib, cold as f**k b*t*h my sh*t like an igloo
Drum on the Glock like im rolling up tissue
We got them scales like a fish do
Back in the gap i had all of the skeezers you can't name a b*t*h that i didn't screw
I got that chips and that cheese but no rotel
Bro run it up off a whole sale
Thinkin sh*t's sweet but b*t*h im not a hotel
You can catch bullets like Odell
I got a b*t*h we can f**k if you dont tell
Say i ain't sh*t, well b*t*h oh well
You can get boxed like a pizza
We got them heaters that ring like a door bell
This ain't no hickey but b*t*h I'm next up
Ar-15 rip your vest up
I call Big Three she get f**k n***as set up
Slide through like a pool and get wet up
Leave his a** red like tomatoes then mashed like potatoes then dip like some ketchup
Nina like fitness cus it rip a chest up
No quarters i gave him a heads up
I think i be knowin why these b*t*hes be mad at me
Cus i got bank for the salary
I get that green and then dip like some celery
Nina gon blow like an allergy
Green beam for your team
Light it up like a battery
You can get boxed like a factory
N***a run from me get burned like a calorie
N***as snap sh*t like a gallery
My b*t*h out the way and be making her paper
But im in the mix like menudo
Me n T-Bo finna link we the duo
Bro nem be higher than pluto
I ain't hard to find we can kick it like judo
Wrestling your b*t*h like some sumo
Bandana on me like i f**k with naruto
On a highspeed in a two door
And imma go dummy on granny
I swear to god i get that pack like a sit up
I dont want relations i just want some noggin
Put pole in her face like a chin up
Diamonds on me they be yellow and water so quincho dont f**k with no hiccups
Ally and AJ my n***as in Tulsa, you get in that field and get hit up
On gang

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