XONzackie Lyrics

F**kin up f**kin up town
F**kin up f**k you up soon
F**kin up f**k the common
Ain't f**k with the version yuh
F**kin up f**kin up f**k the action
F**k the season
F**k 2020 ohh shiit

Swerving on this lambo i'm listenin to stereo
But I'm swear on this b*t*h this is not a romeo
I'm currently lookin for something like pareo
Humpty Dumpty, I'd give you a nasty
Sh*t down if you going against me
I don't really care if you diss me
But I really don't give a f**k and that's alright
If I wanted a b*t*h, I'd have bought a dog
But I will become a watchdog
All of you motherf**ker should write on the paper hoe
All my homies are going be a cyber, hoe
Fear will be plеntiful, death will be bountiful
I will spare nonе of you peasants
F**k your religion, f**k pastor f**ked kids
And got sent to a prison in PC
I seen the devil, he's in you and me
You need saving to listen to this
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah

That's not a f**king joke, that's not a f**king joke

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