?nAvvvi ? Lyrics

Boy I'm pretty edgy like I'm Ghostemane
Boy the brain distorted like I'm Bruhmane
Hair like Lemony Snicket, the same insane
Suck a idiot for drugs like a DopeMane
Wear a costume while I f**k your b*t*h, it ain't Holloween
Imma trip her a** and I never give apologies
Say Hello to your b*t*h like Abe's Oddysee
Tell her get the f**k over here and follow me
Fidna end it all like Chris Farley
Flash the perfect nutsack at Palm Bay
Say I ain't the bestie then Olay
Hop up on her back, watch me do the Nay Nay

This that funkadelic sh*t
It reaks u f**kin smellin it
Im the man like elephant
Get off my d**k im celibate
Im relevant
You peasants
Edit out all the ls u get
Smokin on that evidence
Flyer than a pelican
Got the mission statement
Of a motherf**ki terrorist
Every f**kin enemy
Im boutta f**kin bury em
Look like scarry terry b*t*h
Im comin i'll start tearin ya
Solve et coagula
You back you dont know where u were

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