Fuck a name Lyrics

÷?X????X?÷ (÷?X3713X?÷) Lyrics

Ever since a younging I was thugging
Couldn't no one tell me nothing
Did what I wanted when I wanted
Ain't sh*t changed 'cept a name and a brain
Oh, and a couple symbols on my face
Give a f**k about respect, you can expect me to disgrace
All your idols and celebrities and bullsh*t that you praise
'Cause I'm not cool, but I’m just me
Sorry but I'm not cool, I’m just me

I give a f**k 'bout what you post, I’m just tryna smoke up
Talk a lot sh*t but you ain't down to post up
I roll up like a fruit in a coupe with no roof
I been ten toes down, look at my shoes and the see proof
F**k Supreme, FTP, Gucci and Louis V
Buy a 6 pack of Hanes, I rather wear a blank tee
Y'all can do you, I'ma just do me
Get a job and go to school while y’all sleep in the streets
'Cause I'm not cool, but I’m just me
Oh, I'm not cool, sorry, but I’m just me

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