Friday After Next Lyrics

10kkev, Teejayx6 & Kasher Quon Lyrics


Seeing blood leak, put a smile on my face
D&G runners on, they thought these was human races
Up late night waiting for my checks to clear
Not havin' a dollar to my name, that's my only fear
I just got the bag in so it's time to make it disappear
A n***a tried to run off with the bag, I shot him in his rear
I don't like to f**k with my cousin, he got charged for rape
Hold on, hold on, hold on, what the f**k you just say?
I just poured up some Hi-Tec in a Gatorade
Why I just catch one of my opps at Ace of Spades?
So imma wait on him to come out
Just told this lil' b*t*h I'm outside, waitin' on her to come out
This b*t*h right on my a**, said she wanna see me frequently
You don't buy her sh*t, I see why she wanna sleep with me
Why n***as got they hands out like I got hand sanitizer?

The cops pulled us over, hid that sh*t in a tire
Do a n***a like Katt Williams did Terry Crews with the pliers
On Friday After Next
You waiting to get paid on Friday after next
This b*t*h got a long a** nose, look like a clarinet
Why I just catch a bum a** n***a with the paramedics?
Sellin' verses, you can pay me for my lyrics
Yo song was so a**, I wish that I didn't hear it
Got four runners all in line at the self scan
N***as broke as hell, eating cheeseburgers out a can
Paid my cousin bail and they let that n***a out the can
Popped a n***a up and I stuffed his body in the can
A n***a gave me his mixtape, I threw it in the trash can
This b*t*h said "was her pu**y good?", I said "Trash can emoji"
This b*t*h just text a n***a phone and said she lonely
I'm finna go and pick that b*t*h up and take her to the coney
I asked the b*t*h what she want
My cousin keep blowing up my DMs, what he want?
Finally posted a decent fit, it must be your birthday
Scammed a b*t*h on Instagram for some Gucci lingerie
Puttin' your faith in me, that's a bad decision
All imma do is sell you lies and sh*t you won't be getting
I just gave a b*t*h coronavirus
I mean... man... she gave that sh*t to me
He tried to flex on Instagram, that ain't sh*t to me
I upped the strap on a n***a, he damn near sh*t himself

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