Freestyle Rap

Faster (Producer)

Freestyle Rap By Faster (Producer)

Yeah, my name’s ComedyShortsGamer
Also known as Comedy Shorts Rapper Gamer Guy in the house
Boom, yeah, dude I’m gonna rap so hard tonight
Don’t cry when I rap you to death, bring it

The name is ComedyShortsGamer, but you know me as CSG, oh
I be rapping everyday, as soon as I lick some pee-no, uh
Yes the name is ComedyShortsGamer, but you see me as a player in the house, yes
That was pretty good Deji, but now I’ll make it quicker, you know like all those other rapper guys

Watch out, I’ll be coming after you when you go home
You just turn around and you’ll see me with my rape face on
That made no sense but I’ll be there
Just turn around right now and I’m right there
I’m being serious, turn around right now
You’ll see me looking at you, and then I’ll be licking your bum
Then you’ll be saying a-choo
Oh bless you, huh, thank you, huh, you’re welcome huh huh huh
Manners, are a good thing in life, without them you’ll be a jackknife
Yeah, be a jackknife, wanna be a jackknife? Learn manners
Learn manners or you’ll be crying today, learn manners then you’ll be crying everyday
Then I’ll be coming to you and then you’ll be like “wow, why didn’t I learn manners, Deji said so, no!”

Then you’ll see me, underneath your bed saying “ahh, Deji” and I’ll be like “yes, yes Deji, why didn’t you learn manners? You should just learn manners!”

Yeah, I think I’m gonna stop there before I make a fool of myself, as I’m just rapping from the top of my head, this is freestyling Deji, yes
Still better than “Sweaty Goals”, I mean “get your tits out” – really?

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