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?theMIND Lyrics

Sh*t, you got some change?

Ain't sh*t for free
Not even sleep
Wanna spend a lifetime happy, comes at a fee
Snuck in through the back door, never made a peep
'Cause ain't sh*t for free

Shadows on the front porch
Sun behind the house
I need a little more time
To figure this whole thing out
Need my back against something
I know what's in front of me
Just the stars when the clouds move
Think the sun's going out soon
And this view ain't cheap
I'ma talk a whole lotta sh*t, whole lotta sh*t
Convos with me and God, Devil stay out of it
Made a whole lotta promises, gotta honor it
Never one to need all the hoopin' and hollering
I was followed in
Whole lotta y'all spending all that money for ya following
I'm compiling it
Summer Camp had a lotta hits
Helped a whole lotta kids
Now they need them grants, f**k yo' loans and them scholarships
Nevermind the politics, Pirelli's on the rocket ship
Rocking moccasins, see my penmanship on Pentium
Five processors, why your brain still blocking this?
It costs to pay attention, ain't nothing ever that obvious
F**k a nonprofit if everybody's profiting
I'ma shut the f**k up

Ain't sh*t for free
Not even sleep
Wanna spend a lifetime happy, comes at a fee
Snuck in through the back door, never made a peep
'Cause ain't sh*t for free

This side of the moon is cocoon
And they wait for us to bloom
Like June 21st when the first man lands, we solstice the earth
I feel blessed when I'm supposed to be cursed
I can spread my wings but I prefer ground level
Just so I can whack weeds, bad seeds, plant trees
Leave everything behind and arrive on horizons
Where the sea meets the sky and we die in highrises for free
A natural inclination, I predict precipitation
We unzip the information, this encrypted basics
Soul transportation with love Intonations
We underline the fake sh*t
It's a new war inspired by the wooden horse inside a torch light
To guide a whole forcefield of giant souls
Leveled eye-to-eye with ghosts how I learned to float
Somewhere on the Ivory Coast where they found the goat

Sick and tired of sitting downers acting sick and tired
I burn weed, chief, burn, beats burn out like tires
Lemons lying, no tracing meadow like down and out
I'm valley bread up, we stack high, listen
I'ma talk a whole lotta truth
I ain't wit' yo' group
We gon' send this f**ker through the Rufio
This antidote get cannibal, you overdose
Step back, wait, think, breathe got you in comatose
I'm like Marshawn, it's a shame how y'all on my shoulders
A soldier while off the Dozier
I'm tearing sh*t up like Rosier from back on Hamlet, no trapping
I seen enough H and crack now I'm cracking up at y'all acting redacting
Why you think I contract all my interactions?
They masking some of these facts
How you think it's happening ain't happening
But know Lil Phoe back taxing
I'm Phoe the Pharaoh, the sultan king, f**k yo' kudos
Said f**k a job, I'm like Joffer, fear never fold me like Judo
You wasn't there when n***as was eatin' grilled cheese and ramen noodles, I Euro
I'm from another planet like calendars
All this pu**y and applause turn n***as to animals
So I pull back then equate from new vantage point
You settling for less than these supersonics like bat noise
Couldn't get 'round my plate if you was a motherf**king bat boy
Fat choi, choices making them pockets fat, boy
And they can't stand all this motherf**king rap noise

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