Free Smoke (Remix) Lyrics

?eLVy The God Lyrics

Yo, yo!
Look, yo
It's free smoke, so I'll light one
Light two, 'cause why one?
Yo, I don't smoke, but I'mma go for broke
When I burn it all, then buy some
Find a wife with a tight one
Bust a nut, and yell, "Hi, son!"
Used to have a lot of money, but they gotta take it from me
'Til I'm in the hole like a dyke's tongue
Why we chasing these bimbos
Who are pa**ed around like they're info?
Rappers sounding so simple
Yet still selling platinum singles
Rapping rich, while I been broke
Sky's the limit, I been low
Wasn't getting by, I was getting high
But now I'm back to ground like limbo
Silent guard on my heart for the fake
I'm quiet, but violent, marking my fate
Trying to find it by fighting Goliath
'Cause I am a giant who's harder to slay
I'm fire at writing, and starting today
I'll target your heart, and I'll harvest decay
Farthest away to hop in a grave
But I never do harmless: I'm part of the prey
Look, so I'm always running
You could say that my bars are cunning
Like ipecac, they're all hard to stomach
And I am the God that they wanna summon
All of a sudden, I guess she spoke
About how I'm cute, and she deep-throats
Bending it down 'til her knee broke
And then sucked my seed like it's free smoke!

Making interest on a real investment
With some higher vantage like a drone
I come at they neck like a guillotine
Even my skeletons scared to the bone
I'm dialed in, calling their bluff, and I'm throwing hands
All in: the pressure, it's on
These rappers get writers on payroll
'Cause they couldn't hit the ocean from a boat
I'm in the mix like I'm grenadine
And I'm taking shots like they Kennedy
I'm talking, my drinks are the remedy
My thoughts are darker than Hennessy
I'm proposing the end with a wedding ring
Supposing I couldn't just let it be
I'm bolder than capital lettering
My flow's getting stole by a veteran!
Taking shots like a vaccination, as
I set fire like a concentration camp
The best writer getting better
And you got a resume about the size of the eyes of an Asian man
I make cuts like razors can't
You dried out: you raisin brand
You bite bars like candy
Can we get a reset like Plan B? Damn!
On top of the cla** like a letterman
The studio truly my residence
I trump 'em when I set the precedence
You making sense like Chinese to a Mexican!
Been cooking like I got an empty stomach
Treading for mills, so I gotta run it
I'll dead it for real, while they head over heels
For the godliest flow: I'm the Second Coming!

And more chune for your headtop
So watch how you speak on my name, you know?

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