Forgive/who are u? Lyrics

?idealism Lyrics

I never forgave you/ I lied/ every night I cried/ screamed out God where are you/ while I /sat and thought about giving up life/ spiritual suicide/ my mind was engulfed by demons who/ scheme around in my dreams/ trying to deceive/ where is my sense of relief/ cause i know that you/ don’t care it’s just a Christian thing to/ pretend to care where is the generous generosity/ I guess/ it died with reality/ I'm tired of. writing empty lines and recording ninety dollar mics/ to express to you/ how I felt/ how I fell/ is it still hard to tell/ it’s hard /to forgive/ but if/ Jesus dead carca** covered my sin/ then I should be able to say/ I forgive you/ but I struggle/ I'm so/ angry/ God/ I need his hand please to release this burdens that burn/ and hurts who God wants me to be/ but these negative feeling barely let me/ sleep.... sheesh

Who are you/ I don’t even notice who you are anymore/ but I feel like you're making/ a strong comeback/ and I cannot go back/ to who I was/ lost and part of the world/ no soul in the word of God/ gosh I feel heartache/ sin I partake in my selfish ambitions/ lately I have left you for dead/ as I crave something in the bed/ I'm using less of my head and more of my flesh/ Lord I need your help to surpa** these special attacks/ so I can continue to be a light in the lamp and/ live for the lamb/ they say long suffering is/.. part of the journey/ I feel unranked/ in this tourney I have a lot of worries but you are here for me/ and you never hurt me/ it’s a part/ of your character/ honest with every word/ so if I'm hurt by/ life’s sword I know you have reward for me/ … long suffering … until I feel nothing....

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