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9TAILS & guccihighwaters Lyrics

I love you
Show me. Where is this love?
I, I can't see it. I can't touch it. I can't feel it. I can hear it. I can, hear some words, but I can't do anything with your easy words. Whatever you say, it's too late
Please, don't do this
It's done. I would've loved you, forever

I think I’d be good with a sedative
Anything to f**king stop the trembling
Baby put a bullet in my brain
Waste of f**kin' space I guess I was just replaced
Put in headphones, don’t wanna talk to you
Don’t take it personal I always feel uncomfortable
I guess it's just a part of me
Hard to breathe when I'm at these parties

For once, aim your love in my direction
Cut me open baby, kill my imperfections
For once, I crave all your attention
This is not a life with the loss of your affection

I think I'd be good with a sedative
Anything to bring me closer to emotionless
Life is boring when you take out all the additives
Live in the illusion or you'll only make depressing sh*t
Beamer go skr
Uber gon' swerve
Cold as a b*t*h in the city
When you hit the pavement just know it gon' hurt
Putting in work
Grape juicy papers filled with the purp
Sh*t baby put a bullet to my brain
Come and shut me down cause I'm tired of this earth
I could see snow in Toronto
We got some snow in the condo
Smellin' the dank cause that people
That entered don't know that we're keeping the door closed
Friends switching like time zones
Blunt flicking keep my eyes low
In a new form like Super Saiyan
You base form like a zygote
Salt stains on my Nikes
Winter weather too silent
Phone screen, low brightness
6 digit pin cause I'm private
Truth is gon' hurt
You do not know what is best for me
Like a nonprofit or a charity
This sh*t ain't a check to me
This is building up a masterpiece
Raw emotion is the centerpiece
Like Goku I got enemies
But none of them match my energy
Your power level not testing me
Like god form can you follow me
I'm down as hell but this backwoods got me bouncing back like a senzu bean

For once, aim your love in my direction
Cut me open, kill my imperfections

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