Foolish Ways Lyrics

9th Prince Lyrics

You don't know nothing 'bout me
How you just coming at me with your game
Just you wait and see, boy
One day you're just so nice and sweet
And then just wanna play me
Check yourself 'Cause you ain't all you seem to be

Aiyo forever my lady, hold me down with the .380
Love is sh*tty but it's all gravy baby
Caramel complexion is crazy, opposite of lazy
Swing low on the daisy, only if my honeycomb blaze me
Stop breaking my balls, 9th Prince stands tall
Always there when you call before you walked out of court
You broke my gold album, snapped it on the wall
Girlfriends' jealous, praying for our downfall
Spending nights out of state wearing Victoria Secret Lingerie Reminisced about our first day
We made love, off old school Kay Slay mixtapes
Even though we fight you never change a heart of my shipmate
Baby girl holding weight like Trina, Jewellery shopping in Medina with the Nina, charged with a misdemeanor
More cleaner than Cleopatra, tell me have you seen her?
Ballet cla**es in the arena like ballerina
I really fiend for her body, spending dollars like Bill Cosby
Keeping you happy is my hobby
But still you say I'm sloppy
If love was a crime you'd be charged with heart robbery
Holiday Inn, platinum skins, you my best friend
We a combination like juice and gin, Mercedes Benz
I'm about to blow like wind, copped a big house on the low
Out in Gaten Island, baby boo you wilding

You think you can catch up to me
My power is your destiny
It's my game, I'm gonna make you see
Boy you don't know nothing 'bout me
So you won't be coming at me
With your fool ways, you hear me when I say

9th Prince used to be a heartbreaker, now I'm the Undertaker
Baby girl keep getting paper, one day we'll be making love in the skyscraper
My Foolish Ways made you a hater
Found phone numbers from Octavia and Fantasia
Caught my holding hands with A'isha
Your little sister blew me up like Skytel pager
Calling me out my name like the ____
Every man is a dog, it ain't the same, like P.R., who's to blame?
Love is like crack cocaine, get addicted to the wicked games
Crafted into the hall of shame
With your birthday how you want it, Kawasaki or Mazurati?
Never could stand you dancing with other brothers in parties
You made me jealous hanging with the Goodfellas
Ain't nothing no one could tell us, big as the secret lovers
Long hair, brown skin like Donna Summers
Baby girl you're my Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman

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