Fleegod Lyrics

?eLVy The God Lyrics

You don't know just what your soul does
When there's no love and you sold drugs
On the first of the month like Bone Thugs
And the damn funds just won't budge
And you live right where the crime was and the nines bust
You tryna shine 'cause the grinds on your mind
Sold nickel and dime without doing time. Don't mind us!
Still get computer's 'putin
Nuisance, don't care 'bout your two cents
You vexed, you'll never get the blueprint
Switch siders, hopping a new fence
Relax before I relapse, these facts
Squeeze that three caps where you eat at
What you call feedback, bro, I don't need that
Believe that, go home with your kneecaps
Blowing on Cheech & Chong, them sweet a** chron'
To each his own, make media leaches leave alone
F**k sticks and stones, get beat to bones
You reach for phones, I reach for chrome
Then lie when gunshots reach your dome
Think these is poems? You've seen all the money and cars
You'd think that Meech was home
Monogamy, nah, possibly do p***ography
Listen to my philosophy, Cam's autobiography
Outside on Lennox Ave with the coke and the crack
And the pen and the pad with the MAC in the back of the 'lac
While I'm racking on racks, you looking at endless swag
From Ca**ius Clay to bouncin' yay
In the fastest way, put the gas away
'Cause all you gon' hear is, "What's his name died..."
"What's his name died?" he done pa**ed away!
Pull out the arms, body armor on
Dead to a farm by a bag of hay, you a castaway
Sunday through saturday, St. Patrick's Day
Mother's Day, any other day, Labor Day, Father day
Your death date on your death certificate
Is our day, that's what I would say
I beg your pardon, Vanessa Carlton
Yeah, we a thousand miles away
At the ballet, wearing Balleys
That's out of date, that's our debate
What you wanna eat baby, trout? Steak?
Steak, potatoes? How about baked?
Inner city, out of state
I want dessert, that pound of cake
You sounded safe, from down the base
We'll surround your place with a pound of tape
Put around your waist, then bound your face
Legs and arms, you down to race?

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