Fix The Rail Lyrics

12th Planet Lyrics

The night is never over
Until the last track's played
And we've been banging all our heads
For six hours straight

It's time to come together
And look at what we've done
The damage we created
And sing our final song

So fix the rail, fix the rail
You can only break it once
So fix the rail

The DJ on before you
Has dropped your latest track
But don't take hasty action
Just cut him some slack

It's time to make allowances
To leave the past behind
And we will chop together
And pull a big rewind

So fix the rail, fix the rail
Life could be a fairy tale
So fix the rail

We're all in this together
So come on and take my hand
Yeah, yeah, hey, yeah
And together we will walk to the promised land

So come and fix the rail
The rail

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