Ferb x Phineas Lyrics

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On the glide man move like diligent, rambos twinning
Man step with Ferb and Phineas
How you boasting bout ching, and you know that yute wans an innocent?
That sh*t's ridiculous if you're talking beef then we're winning it

Slide on anyone's block Rev and bros with rambos we're p*ssed if the ped gets stop
If you try run away for the better, you're p*ssed if you trip and drop
Get done on the main or back road; we really don't give no toss
I couldn't believe my eyes when broski whipped the work and it locked
All the n***a saw was prof, all the n***a saw was paper 2 middle fingers for a hater
I'm chasing bands, I still deal with my problems later
Now am round I'm talking flavours, no cheese like f**king with Quavers
Skrt round there with a shh, none of my g's on the glide trap sh*t, 2 layers
#Chefy there's hella men with the stainless, like how many man got chinged? we know that we won't catch no one, but we still take that risk 2 peds, 4 members equipped with things
No way are we bringing flick knives, that's for man with the 15inch
Wear your vest and you're p*ssed; we'll ching man from the waist and up
My man done that 1 time, we went on to dip man's lungs

Swing that shet let me show you bout violence
Main road swing it twice see the pu**yhole crying, man fish out your chest and leave him for dead then cut from sirens
Backroads man skrt, S1 don't don't do with the hiding
Know like, pull up hop off and fisherman knife him
Like bro just get him get him just wet him wet him with a crucial slicing
Had his mumsy screaming "God" like "Why him?!" back it out and the blade come long like Viking
Just in and out like 'Splash splash' "Where is your kidneys hiding? Where's Wally cah I wan find him?!"
He spoke and then he got fed, guess what bro well now there's no violence
Them boy there good with their words but they're not good with the riding
Push bike, big ramz I'm known for the sliding
Anything Grove, man drill it then bill it they're doing up O that's mileage
And I grip 2 hands on a dots; bang it off and watch all of them boys start hiding, some pu**yholes please stop lying
Slide on any block, saw Jakes come back then they taped it off
Roll down my ends certain man feel lost
Too bad, you're f**ked but hold that loss
On the glide no f**ks, anything Grove man drill it then dust
How many times have we bucked up, in a aigon? head? Have you got bust?

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