Family Day Lyrics

727 Clique Lyrics

I be like give me that
Please stop the talking
Pace'll kick raps, till i make a fortune
Sound eerie like an organ
Pace'll kick raps, till i make a fortune
Good like raw weed, got a 12 gauge pump
 in the football team, pace won
Me grow weed it's like Chinese farmers
Twins the hand, it's like Siamese toddlers
Vampires bite this tightness
I be wilding on n***as that's soft like t**s
Like to squeeze them, make your boy dance
Pace'll keep you warm like corduroy pants

Yo, my crew cause melee
blowing up like Israelis
Burn trees on the daily
Ready for war on Deck like the Inspector
And bet yours i won't slip even on wet floors
We , damzel with the pearl handle
Heard ppp, suddenly it's show cancelled
Ruckus bringer, upping my middle finger, puffing dimes, stacking my cheddar like jenga
I'm risky business, it's R.O.D. to the finish, '97, making wack b*t*hes deminish

Before i let off, i might just cough like
Those who act can get my testicle
I cripple like cancer, move-n-slick like dancers
In battles, i spot you 10 points like black panther
My anthem in rap, will leave a tantrum to the brat
I leave you laid out flat, with sticky hickeys on your back, black
I'm new and improved like detergent, tighter than dead virgins
I'm working on your last nerves on purpose
Speak your peace, so i can break it down into pieces
And move through streets, floating, using weed-telekenisis
Shorties will show me love like i'm jesus, i stage and spit on more n***as like flu seasons

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