Exoskeleton Lyrics

20025xs Lyrics

Look at that lady, she wears b*t*h heels
The top of the blood, you'll tell them we got skills
You can give her candy, pretend that she's ten
You can make her call you Dad, she won't tell her friends
You can push her around, you can say she's no good
She's more than a tramp, you're misunderstood
But we all know she is too clean
She don't know what she did, so she's down on her knees

Start packing up meat, send it by the ounce
I'll give you fifteen bucks to see those t**ties bounce
Root ca*** exposed, you can see the bone
Your d**k is her pet and it's undergrown
I'll make her c*m, make her perspire
When she's crying in pain your d**k is on fire
We got some spare change, you're all for me
You better pimp yourself for the guillotine

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