Evil That I Bring Lyrics

8corpses Lyrics

Igniting the blunt with a zippo
I’m That accidental psycho
Behemoth like a hippo
We don’t speak the same lingo
F**k a riot
I’m a kamikaze pilot
I’ll hit you where the heart is
I don’t need a clique for it
I’m psychotic
I got a committee
That will run sh*t
Been a psycho ever since a kid
I think age 4
I paint houses
Ar15 make the blood pour
Make these motherf**kers hit the floor
Watch em stampede
Pulling out the GLOCK 19
While Puffing on some weed

Issa light show
With a Laser beam
Put it on a pedos head
Make em go to sleep
Better call it
Cause if I pull up
Imma put you in a coffin
Shawty said she said love me
But I know she bluffing
Most of my life I’ve been hoping
That I’m dying
But what I didn’t realize
Is you’re dying when you’re living
Flip the script
Might as well die to live
Gone with wind like a tumble weed
Never following through with things
You don’t want this evil that I bring

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