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You can find me in the snow
You can find me in the snow
You can find me in the-
You can find me in the snow
You can find me in the snow
You can find me in the-

I'm an Eskimo head-to-toe
N***a, now we griefing, hope you won’t
But you did, n***a
And every person on our side forever live, n***a
Eskimo sh*t, n***a
Ask me for one-on-one, f**k the fun
This is where I'm comin' now, so hear me out
F**k **** pound-for-pound, they in the ground
Never knew what that was about, but they turned
So they all burn
I think it was rightfully just our turn
Eskimo gang
F**k BRUHMANE, you f**kin’ suck, n***a, what?
Y'all just mad we comin' up

I just want to give a momеnt to honor our fellow Eskimo soldiers: Eloquent, Oni, LmaoToxic, RеmCapoin, ApplaudedBoss, gfig, Impulse

F**k the alliance, switch out the sirens, Crybox some violence
TP deny us, think I just might trust, shoutout to gfig
Die tonight, I don't think I want to live to mine
So pack my bags, I'm off to war
F**k Tonka World and everything them n***as standing for
I'm at your door, now open up you b*t*h
You thought that I would let you n***as think you ever won?
F**k all your gangs
N***a, we the main attraction, USA don't want the action
Even though they claim they up, you suck
This world changed me and not for the best
After World War I I couldn’t sleep with the stress
Yes, I lost all my men
But doesn’t matter, 'cause we comin’ back stronger and faster than you can gather all your men and women
Lamb Gang knows we cookin' up the potions
Go to the ocean you f**kin' faggot
Know that you ain't lasting a minute around the gang
Eskimo the n***as to pull up and make it rain
Bring the pain, all I wanted was peace so I can eat
Killing Edd was a part of the first great defeat
Look at me now, I’m weak but I'm coming back with the gang
Eskimo, the family always want in the game

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