?erase it Lyrics

?thebreathingbackwards Lyrics

Ay, scroll back last time that I dated
Find a pic, I never thought that I could hate it
But I've been f**ked since you broke my heart
The only time that I confront it's when I'm makin' my art
But that sh*t's hard, I really wish it didn't go south
I really wish you didn't lie right out of your mouth
I'm packin' up and I been movin' along
Forgettin' what I can, put the rest up in a song
It's that typical, cla**ic, he said, she said
But now you're happy while I'm wishin' I could be dead
And getting deader every time I see these images
Watchin' everyday away turn smiles into grimaces
I remember when you told me you ain't leavin'
And I remember being stupid and believin'
If only you could see this screen and have to face it
But I'll gather every memory of us and I'll erase it

You broke me
I'll rebuild
You're choking on what we killed
I still feel
This sorrow but
You won't steal my tomorrow

Ay, yeah, y'all know where my fault lies
Shaking in my bed like a fault line
One time for the lies that you told me
Take a good man, turn him back to the old me
Shove me down, then you're up with a new plan
Going out, seeing you with your new man
Yeah, putting up pictures to spite me
Friends ask why the f**k he lookin' just like me
I hope you hear this and I hope that it hurts
Whatever pain you might feel, know you dealt it out worse
You say you not cheatin' and we go and break up
After a motherf**kin' year and you can't wait a month?
Ha, yeah, it's been a while but it still stings
Just that little bit of pain that the truth brings
We were never gonna work but the plan did
Go and ask your man how successful his band is

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