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“Recent reports demonstrate that, on average, all over the Internet, site loading time has increased by 21% since one year ago! Why is this? In the past, web pages were much simpler. They contained mostly text and lower quality images. These days, there are an ever increasing number of new features available for the web, such as high quality images, animations, external applications, videos, slideshows and much more. While these features will definitely improve a visitor's user experience, they do make a site heavier and can result in a slightly increased loading time.”
– Wix Help Center

“Technological growth
is one of the few things
in this world
that we can all expect
to continue
over time,
we can expect glitches
in humanity
to continue as well.”
– Frederick B. Ponder

"Philosophy becomes
poetry and science imagination,
in the enthusiasm
of genius."
– Disraeli

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