Emotions Like Heroin Lyrics

Quintihilator Lyrics

Verse 1
Everytime I love, I'm never sane enough
But you could never relate, so just tape it shut
We know how to consume and just lose and every way just shoot up
Our emotional heroin that we choose to resume
And a week goes by, and you ask "Am I Living A Lie?"
And I say, motherf**k no....
Ideology changes, addictions relate the
Contradiction of being an angel
Question for tonight is that are you able
To stand in front of these people not bе deceitful
And say that we arе all equal?
But you will never see the sequel
Of this cycle, spinning over and over again
You will appreciate it's better to play dead
But everytime I read the words that have been said
I feel more lead on, instead of moving on
I feel like I would just shred to a thread
Losing my mind more than an acid head
But go ahead and call me an exciting igniter
When you're brain dead, it's hard to comprehend
A wide-spread disaster as me
And when it's time for you to breathe
You will see there's an entrance fee
To be as crazy as I can be
And you will never, ever see
What it's like, you see
To be the mother f**king rea-son
The seasons change, and everything will fade
I was ripped and ravaged to pieces
Like I was yesterday's papers
Having less in my throat, than a molecule of vapour
Statistically I'm considered a scraper
But I thought there was so much more to you, than just a fallen saviour
And all to you f**king labellers
Just remember, I'm enabled to disable you
To make you unstable
Like you're just tipping a table, and just wait until this
Fable reaches it's inner angle
To leave it where there's nothing else that can be said
And it just felt like a rope
That wrapped around me and choked like it did in the past
But the ma** majority of you feel pain
So let us take a moment
Because most of the part we are to blame
But this reign of the insane fame
Your father never died in vain
But it sure it sprained the main plain
Of my Entire Existence
To the lesson today, will consistently explain
Why your emotions are like heroin
And how we are narrowing in
On your motherf**king life
But we will fight until the end
And we'll grab our motherf**king control again
And put responsibility straight on our lap

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