East Vs West Lyrics

42 Dugg Lyrics

On everything, ayy
Growin' on the East, I seen a lot of sh*t
'Member old girl?
Even after that, I f**ked a lot of b*t*hes
I miss you, bro

R.I.P. to Scooter, I lost a lot of feelings
Z06, my n***a, that's without the ceiling
My youngin doin' a hundred, that's without a picture
No family at all, b*t*h, we kill for a cost
You get half off on the Xans, but ain't no deal on the dog
Like Colin Kaepernick, ayy, b*t*h, just take a knee
These n***as out here fastin', really hate to eat
Probably catch me in traffic, n***a
A thirty-two and my savage with me
Sh*t, we came from the ground up
I know it hurt you n***as when these b*t*hes hound us
Ayy, I'll really blow this b*t*h if I don't sound tough
And I ain't braggin', my n***a, I'm more than active, my n***a
I really hit n***as' head, that ain't no cappin', my n***a

We really came from the basement, we in the attic on n***as
We come through swingin' them choppers and we ain't laughin' with n***as
They was scared of O, we was blastin' at n***as
Ayy, where the mask and the blender? A young scandalous n***a
The feds swoopin' my n***as and it damaged a n***a
Tend to get a n***a four like I'm gamblin' with it
Your mans told on lil' bro, a whole panther came with it
N***a, pistol in the party, the dancer came with it
Give that b*t*h thirty-five hundred, a n***a cancel your Christmas
Still play with white squares like I f**k in the dentist
Still'll snatch you out your sh*t without askin' permission
Trust me, I live it
Seen it or did it, remember it vivid
You been pu**y since middle school, I know you ain't with it
So hot, Dugg, we shoot the video, they might come get us
I up this MAC, it's quiet in the room like I'm takin' attendance

A lot of residue from whippin', Mas', I'm takin' the dishes
Been in love and fell out, sh*t, I had to forget it
Two hundred thousand in the couch, sh*t, I'm still from the trenches
My n***as fightin' for they life, I pray it's fourth and some inches
Prosecutors playin' goalline D
I'm in it for the money, let my hoes find beef
For all my bros I don't see, hope y'all make it out
I thought that they was hatin' then, sh*t, they hatin' now
Sh*t so crazy in the 10, came from f**kin' with the twins
N***as killed my lil' mans, couldn't even say the route
She like, "Dugg, give me the apartment," you can take the house
Came from sippin' on a rose, now we Ace-in' now
N***as tellin' on my bros, yeah, them statements out
Might not never see my n***a, but I'm wishin'
Take me back to 2010, sh*t was different
R.I.P. my n***a Soda, yeah, I miss him

Grew up on the Westside, seen a lot of sh*t
Quick to up my pistol, hit a lot of licks, yeah
A n***a said our name and we was poppin' sh*t
Even to this day, we still droppin' sh*t
Know you n***as pu**y, we the opposite
Hit him from the corner, Stojaković
The spot so damn hot, I wanna hide the b*t*h
Took a lot of risks to get an icy wrist
Your b*t*h get in the way and we'll murk the b*t*h
So many B's in the crib, we need the curtains fixed
Your mans out of state, man, they cursive quick
Two straps on me, I'm Urkel, b*t*h
I'm tryna stack it up like that Oprah b*t*h

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