Dysthymia Lyrics

?falls Lyrics

It's Yung Dori

My blood hits the stones right when I slice up my neck
I got the Sudafed on deck
I'm carding, billing the cheques
You say you do this sh*t because you love it
Well I got thirty b*t*hes in a different city saying that they with me
Looking to the east
Hoping that I get some sleep
You b*t*hes talking like you made it
Never really made a peep, never sleep
Homeless in the reservoir
I'm spitting with the metaphors
You need to get some better bars, I’m gone
Faded to the face I’ll never make it
Gizmo and Murkmob'll take it
When I say this never leave it for later
You always playing, always say I’m insane
Grab the heat and then the blade and now I’m f**king deranged
I take the psyches and the Xanax
I swear I might leave you bandaged
You asking for it you'll get it
It's time that we did some damage
Now that's the way that we working
I watch her sway and she twerking
I f**k that b*t*h she deserve it

F**k that sh*t I don't wanna grow up
Lemme roll up a blunt, do me glo up
How much time till I blow up
I don't give a sh*t if you don't know us
Plenty ladies already hate me
Some say that they wanna date me
Others play me f**k me lazy, I just wanna be alone lately
Dry blood on my hands all day
Dirty blades I’m throwing fades
When you come around me just be careful of the things you say
Short temper I need a wood
It calm me down like a needle would
My therapy is rolling good and I don't stop even though I should
Bouta getta another f**king b*t*h in my crib
I don't really give a f**k about where she want me to jizz
I'm just tryna to bust a nut right here right quick
Yea I’m tryna bust a nut right here, right quick
Run when I’m done
On to the next one
Gonna f**k around sum, come all on her bum
Still don't care bout no one, can't find that special one
I can never tell if anyone wants to listen
So I dream about my future every time I’m wishing
I can tell it's bright because the way that it glistens
I just hope the life I had isn't the thing that I’m missing

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