DX Lyrics


This lil' b*t*h make me so mad

This lil' b*t*h make me feel good just like all my drugs
It's a lust with this lil' b*t*h, but Wockhardt I love
Treat my Diors like they ain't sh*t, I done scuffed 'em up
My Backwoods look like eggrolls when I roll 'em up
She want my attention, I want more codeine inside my cup
I like her while she gave me head, she had held my nuts
No cap, I think I'm DX the way I make 'em suck
My Cuban VVS and it ain't never tucked
We gon' get that drank right out the pharm' then go find the pop
Promise when I make it, I'm not fallin' off like Fetty Wap
I don't need no features from you n***as or whoever hot
I swear to God, the first day in my Lamb', I'm bringin' it to the block
N***a, your fit old as hell, that sh*t came out some years ago
My Backwoods be so big, this sh*t look like hookah smoke
This exotic and extendos, over here we got hella smoke
No cap, I still pull up wit K's and come and do the most
I'm too high, get out my face
We do carry-out, no dates
I get special treatment when I shop, n***a, 'cause I'm famous
Hop out with some fully autos, pull the trigger and it flaming
You can tell you never had no money, boy, you need some training
When I leave the house I smell like rock rose and Number ine
But it don't matter 'cause I end up smellin' like some Turtle Pie
B*t*h make me mad, I'm going to f**k her sister, make her cry
I swear to God, I'm on so much codeine, I think that I could fly

Oh, Franchise sh*t

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