Drop Down Lyrics

Xander x Larry 44 Lyrics

I don't ever really gotta' say sh*t
Money gonna' go cause it ain't sh*t
Pockets gonna fold, b*t*h you already know
I'm a get it right back and blow it on some dope
Used to be a young n***a posted at the store
Trying to be a rich n***a posted by a pope
Know when to speak and I speak what I know
And I know what I preach ain't good for the homes
Unknown calls don't answer the phone
The sh*t you talk cause a drone on your home
B*t*h I'm a boss I can hold my own
You n***as follow trends but I made my own
I pull up on your b*t*h like smoke in a bong
You'll never, ever catch me toking a bong
My blunt longer than a 20 minute ringtone
Can't hit my sh*t
Burn like the ozone
All y'all n***as ain't about sh*t
I'm astounding you are rhyming
Money piling, green Impalas
I'm not driving but I'm riding
Need an island and some thousands
I made millions and some billions
F**k your feelings b*t*h I'm back seat chilling
How you living?

The money go up, the b*t*hes come down
Yeah they from up town but I rep down south
You got your little wave
But you can't flood a town
All my n***as in this b*t*h
We pa** your b*t*h around and round

B*t*h make it drop down, let me see that a**
B*t*h make it drop down, let me see that a**
B*t*h make it drop down, let me see that a**
B*t*h make it drop down, let me see that a**

Pull on up, headlights on
Head in the car
Can't go in the house
Matter fact we could just sneak on the couch
I could roll up a blunt, f**k you, then we bounce
Eyes wide open so you know I'm on the prowl
Nocturnal n***a, I belong in the wild
N***a, who you
Whats a verb to a noun
F**k around leave a n***a nose on the ground
Act like a fool you can die like one
I don't know pain cause I can't feel none
Bring a bad b*t*h downtown, Hilton
Then f**k her till she sleep and her body feel numb
Chris f**king Travis made a b*t*hes spirits sprung
Hit her one more time like I'm about to leave for long
If you know your sh*t then b*t*h sing along
Then drop it down quick
Sports bra and a thong

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