Drip Drop (Sauce) Lyrics

1K Pson Lyrics

Ain't nothing wrong with having a little style man
We got flavor dripping all over man -that sauce man. We sauced up
And you might find yourself with a lot of haters but it's just cause they like they just wish they just wish they could be like you man so you got to tell em'

Aye I think they like the way my sauce
I got flavor flowing from the top

Might pull up to church in a coupe on some 4's or maybe a plane or a Rolls

Sit on the front pew with my woes
All this religion must go
I don't think it's good for my soul
Might see me in designer clothes
But remember that Jesus my
The wealth of the wicked
Reserved for the righteous
So when I'm Lenox
I don't look at prices
She skinning and grinning
Because I'm looking nice
I ain't jumping in it
Unless she my wife
Jesus died on the cross
That was the base of the sauce
He rose and defeated the devil
And gave him a taste of the sauce
Take that mission with the favor
Take away the caring of the hater
Look left, look right to your neighbor, and let me hear you say it

Aye 1k let me get my flavor
I got sauce like Chic-Fil-A
My girl say what's that on the floor
I said my sauce be dripping bae
All them haters sliding like the cha-cha
Then i make them disappear like wa la tada
Pipe up
Yeah yeah yeah
We done made it out the ground
And me a P still heaven bound
I won't forget about the mound
I know we all gone be at the tip top
Because we done came a long way from trapping out the zip-lock


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