Dothamost! Lyrics

?ronsocold Lyrics

Got like two phones, need like three hoes
Got a L.A. b*t*h, and she do the coke
Cashin' out a sack then she say I do the most
I need some roller blades, 'cause all my diamonds skate
I done made my momma proud and made these n***as sick
N***a mad at me, 'cause he ain't on sh*t
I been on my grind you can ask yo b*t*h
Got her number saved in my phone as Lil sis
That b*t*h she a dub and n***a you a scrub
You ain't get no guap, n***a can you hush
My diamond wet like lake, diamonds wet like tub
Got that Glock with the d**k 'cause you actin' sus
We don't go on dates, she still gon' let me f**k
This the hoe you claim, this the hoe you love
I can't kick it with these n***as they be doin' too much
They wanna take a pic, post it on the gram
These n***as act like hoes, these n***as act like fans
Got a bad lil bih, she blow me like a fan
I got three phones, need like two hoes
They say I do the most, I make these n***as sick
Man just check the fit, you need to check your b*t*h
Put her on that leash, had her in my room
She was on her knees, she was tryna preach
She suck me like a leech, that b*t*h she do the most
Yeah I do the most, I just do the most

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