Don’t Worry / I’m Sorry Lyrics

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I'm sorry
I'm sorry
Don't worry's what she said I'm sorry
Said I'm sorry
I'm sorry
Don't worry's what she said I'm sorry

Her scars tell a story
Most of y'all just ignore it
But she hide it when she walking in the halls to avoid
The attention that's unwanted cus it all gets annoying
In her mind she doesn't matter and her thoughts reinforce it
She been different since the jump
Always felt like an outcast around anyone
She don't get it she just wish it wasn't how it f**king was
People pickin on her loud, why her outta everyone?
She been asking
Her own parents seem afraid because she's changed a bunch
Is nothing like the way she was
Shes anxious lost
Not a single face she trust
Doesn't have any friends she gets hated on
She'd rather skip school than be around those mothaf**kas
She cries a bunch
But acts like she doesn't budge
She just wants love
A friend that she can trust to talk
When the f**k will anybody ever come?
She been asking
Well that's it, she done had it again
Locked the door to her room, back at it again
All those marks ain't just a f**king scratch on her wrist
Grab the blade that she handle when her families in bed
To make the pain that she dealt with something physical
It's terrible
But she just lays there alone
Blood stained on her clothes and she gone bury those
And wake up the next day and then head to school

She was sittin' in the hall and a guy approached
Said, "Hi, I noticed you been here a while alone
"Is everything alright?"
She said it's fine
They'd seen each other pa**in' outta cla**es
He don't got no homies either
He sat down for a while they spoke
And realized how much in common that they got
Before he left to go to his cla**
He said goodbye and hoped that they could hangout sometime
So she smiled and wrote her number down on a note
And gave it to him
They would wave while walking by in the halls
Eventually almost daily they would hang out and talk
Or walk around by the pond
Or drive around when it's night out
And talk again by the morning
They were close so he then met her mom
Eventually went to her house where he then met her father
And she was finally happy til everything had went wrong
One bad night when nobody else was at home
The day was trash she said again
'Cause someone pointed at her wrist and laughed at it
So she went inside the crib and grabbed the biggest
Knife that she could find that's hidden in the kitchen
Crying while she slicing it her friend walks in
'Cause she ain't text him back he drove to check on her
"Baby what the f**k are you doing?!"
He grabbed that sh*t
And called the paramedics will he ever trust again?
He been asking

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