Don’t Trust Nobody Lyrics

?yrfann Lyrics

Mustard on the beat ho!

I don’t trust nobody but myself
I don’t f**k with nobody but myself
I don’t trust nobody but myself
I don’t f**k with nobody but myself
I don’t trust nobody but myself
I don’t trust nobody but myself
I don’t trust nobody but myself
I don’t trust nobody but myself, n***a

I don’t trust nobody but myself
I hope you n***as get signed and get shelved
F**k you, f**k your family, go to hell
Free all my real n***as out the cell
Talk sh*t, I’m at yo door like man
ATM, f**k you, that’s how I feel
They say my mouth might get me killed
I’m still alive though, I say what I feel
I’m in the field with some killas and some drug dealers
Like a valet to don, I’m just a thug n***a
I popped a pill, b*t*h n***a might trip out
Try the 9 millie and ya boy you break back
These snitches pinch me, taught me how you back
Smile in yo face, this the life of the rap game
All homies turn on you and they actin lame
All homies turn on you and they act lame
That’s a damn shame
Make me wanna knock n***a south like Sugga Shane
Mosby, you n***as phony
So called homies, that’s why I ride lonely

I don’t trust nobody but myself
Young rookie had a team
But my stripes on rep
Keep my swerve up small like
Those n***as tight sketch
But they know that that’s above
Ain’t my fault she tryna snip
So I turn in a full scale
Ignorin her texts, never dial back
Forward, ‘Cause I be on to the next
Now you see me, now you don’t so slide behind the tent
You the type of n***a that be sayin trust me, talkin lips
Got a clique full of soldiers with me when the war stands
One of my young n***as locked down for hoppin that fence
Funny how we all going down the same n***a
That snitch look
He wanna say names but I ain’t even gonna mention
That’s why I press nobody but myself, b*t*h
We can go to dinner, I ain’t payin, no I’m selfish
Never trust a b*t*h with some chips and get now tips
These n***as tricky like they lose on the heel flip
We getting money, all get in
No but some trail mix
Worried bout if I’m a G now not a mail man
She f**ked her when she started expressin her friend
And asked me if I felt the same way
I hit er with that kill switch, damn

I don’t trust nobody but the clique now
I made my girl count the money with her t**s out
Last week for some reason had a miscount
Now before she leave the crib get fresh now
I’m blowin up hella fast in this city
Startin to see the benefits of rap and a kidney
Usually hot style actions is handsy
I ain’t got time for n***as’ raps, getting naked
I trust nobody, don’t trust me
Just workin for the mills like a trustee
All these labels throwing deals put it’s pushing
I put my fam behind the wheel like I’m gonna pee
And if the pu**y stink I don’t trust it
The beat and the bang if it ain’t Mustard
She know my street name, now my gove man
I’m still keeping secrets from girls that I’m in love with
I don’t trust b*t*hes
I just f**k b*t*hes with no love interest
All f**kin J, man these n***as talkin sh*t, ain’t far from a fake

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