Don’t Do It To ’Em Lyrics

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Now to get a better understanding of things I would like to ask you to start this session off with a question you tend to ask yourself on a frequent basis. We can go from there. Something that lets me get an unfiltered view on your mindstate. When you're ready I'm ready

Why these n***as got a problem with me?
I don't even know 'em
Got they hand out and I don't even owe em
Thank God for allowin' me to show em
Then it's fists in the air, n***a power to the poem
I ain't bowin' down to no one, dope n***a now I feel like Odom
With a team full of wolves, like we outta Minnesota
Let the game know I found me a controller
N***a put it on splitscreen, who gave me the sticks?
Never shoulda gave me the sticks
I take my turn like I came here to drift
Either take my word or I'm takin' your b*t*h, lacin' the kicks
Smooth like Jason The Kidd, so Mello I could play for the Knicks
But that ain't my team, it's KWG
I'll take a mof**kin' blade through the wrist
Say somethin' slick, get ya name on the list full of options, lake or the ditch?
Call my bluff and I'm tracin' this sh*t I'll be at your door like a payment was missed
Must be the king if I can't be the prince
They talk 'bout the greatest I ain't been convinced
Boy I been nice since slaves on the ship
And I can't stay the same okay let it switch
I'm, nothin' like them n***as that you usually playin'
And if you knew me then I'm prolly in a new situation
I know majority'll love me but a few of 'em hated
I tell 'em that ain't real rap... what you demonstrated
I'm like cool, got it for a low fee
'Gon hype it up, everybody finna know me
You ain't hearda six, that's park and jenobly
You cannot delete nor copy we the only
Now please listen closely, better buy you some film n***a, Picture Me Rollin'
I get what I want I can live in the moment and come to fruition and sh*t'll be golden
House on the hill an official opponent, mountain of millions a whiff of the potent
You mention I'm famous, I mention I'm loaded
From 'n***a we made it' to 'n***a we own it'
N***a we own it, it's all for the team, and I did it all in a day
It's all in the grind, all in the laws of your mind gotta progress off what you say
Boy we movin' 'monster parade', I start losin'? I'm launchin' grenades, it's all a charade
I'm the chef and you n***as got the juice from the sauce on my plate
Don't do it to 'em

How did I become this great? Why should I be one to wait?
I cannot keep holdin' back the wisest minds have told us that 'If I should die before I wake'
But sh*t... Maybe they would love me more, till I get what I want I'm playin' tug of war
Imma take what I feel is mine, and if you got it you're exactly who I'm comin' for

It's just my mind state. Sometimes you need to just clear your head of it. That's what I'm here for. People aren't always ready for what you have to share. Just be patient, the time will come. And when it does, some things are better off left unsaid... you know?

F**K THAT, I've been humble for way too long
Hooked on the game and I can't move on
We all play chess and I ain't two pawns
You can see it on they face when I play through songs
They call me the ghost, space suit gone
You n***as don't want it, I'm way too strong
It'll all go right cause I can't do wrong
And my hands get white when I shake new palms
You n***as can't touch me , I got OCD
Out lookin for my money like ODB
I always knew I would make it I'm the only mean
I stand up cause you sittin in the OG seat
Grab the woods imma fill her with this OG kief
Before I tell Jay I'm comin for that Throne they keep
As far as Vegas, you can put us all at the top
And let's see who falls off, bet it won't be me
That's on life... mine to be exact
Don't believe me find a n***a hat
He be hidin in the trap, ask him if there was a time that I was wack
He 'gon ask you if you fine with bein' slapped, try findin' me a match
Catch a n***a bobbin' to his tracks, bring a train out and tie him to his track
Hey b*t*h it gets violent...
I'm the one and I be rhymin' like I put punchlinin' on the map
Who tryin to relax? Even when I'm bringin' fire to the wax
I'm movin like the supplier of the pack, till you buy it off the rack
Enough for me to retire off of rap
You will never be what I am that's a fact
Go 'head and talk tough n***a, know your wire's gettin' tapped
That frontin' get you invited to the back, now who got it on lock?
I take a plier to the latch, rubber grip, hold tight until it snap
Don't do it to 'em

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