Do whatever Lyrics

X-man Lyrics

Sooo, London, ya, you're out of school now. What are you going to do?
I don't know
Ah, come on. You can go to college or something
I don't really know
What? It's not like you're wasting money with the potential chance of not getting it back ever

It's time to witness the sound of an a** sh*tting
I'm poopin' in your ear
I hope there's q-tips in there
And while you look for those I hope you know I was kidding
I got lyrical diarrhea, you might as well get these tampons
I should write with no lamp on
Cuz' the sh*t that I say is as pointless
Like a ball or something
That is something
Now I'm off-topic
Wait, what's the topic?
F**k that sh*t I got ADHD
The n***as hate me probably cuz' I'm crazy
But honestly, I'm pretty normal
I graduated, went to sleep, woke up then masturbated
Everyone told me growing up sucks and that I'm gonna hate it
But I'm doing the same sh*t that I usually do
Some sh*tty odd job for some change and playing GameCube
Growing up, life doesn't suck, life does
It's like who or whatever made us, doesn't like us
That's why you gotta do whatever you want, and sh*t
You can have a job that pays, like, a lot of money but you're bored as f**k

You don't gotta be clever, do whatever
Go swimming in sh*tty weather, do whatever
Slack off, f**k better, do whatever
But whatever you do, do whatever, you want

Do whatever
Do whatever
Do whatever
Do whatever you want
Whatever you want
Do whatever you want
Do whatever you wanna do whenever do wanna do it
Just do whatever you want to do when you do

Let's do something
Alright, bye

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