Do for Love {English rap ver.) Lyrics

???? (Shoji Meguro) Lyrics

Been a while, writing a letter
For the record
I wanna tell her handwritten
For a better argue
Once in a while but
Never get fed up
Instead I like your insights
So is my step up
Times I get too opinionated
Stress, A bit irritated
To the point of somewhat tainted
You jump to it, talk to it, bad thoughts
Talk more quiet-y
I know get a bit too much to handle
Still to treat me nice, hard times we stand
But together as two, individuals
Who possess to see purpose to love life
A lot of reasons to hate the life
But I subjugated with loving my wife
It froze my mind
When is down in the ice
So times forgets whats like
Oh time flies

I do for love
Kimi no tame nara
Dekiru yo hito
Nandemo yarerunda
I do for you
Suki higana kara
Tomo ni oitate
Te wo tsunaide

I like the way you are
I love the way you do
I dont need no guarantees
Cause I dont know
Is somehow
I know their way are good to go

Isogashi tokimeki ni wa
Samishii sa wo kanji sasenai
Kuwa ni naru koto wa demo
Ue wa kanji ta koto wa nai
Ariki tarina kotoba ga
Kokoro ni shimi tekumu
Kimi no soba de
Bokutachi wo
Zutto mitte ita ima wo

Your voice is fluent
Its tone alone is relaxing
You been eloquent
But a few right prudent words
Change the course of my life
Kinda ease energy source
I wanna see my dreams
With my eyes open
Work in studio
No more joking
E- could've grab that token
So I can take you out
Living is like an ocean
My emotion
Thought it was deeper than any sea
Everything that you really see
Your presses is color to the scenery
So vivid through exhibit it more than me
I'm thinking thats whats really important
Don't wanna share any over portion
We make it right girl, no distortion
Your love is already an extension

I do for love
Tatoe sekai ga
Tekini na tate
Watashi wa shinjiteru
I do for you
Kimi no tonari de
Naitte waratte
Hateru made
I do for love

Kimi no tame nara
Dekiru yo hito
Nandemo yarerunda
I do for you
Suki hi ga na kara
Tomo ni oitate
Te wo tsunaide

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