$UICIDEBOY$ & Germ Lyrics

an examination of the cancer that is existenceChapter 1vandalizing the standards we are held to
 slip on a banana clip 
from the perspective of Lil Half Cut
we be them gorillas creepin' inside your motherf**king mind. germ got the axe. watch him lift it up and just swing it from behind. we start a f**king riot, don't try me. i strike like lightning or tyson. do drive-by's riding on bikes, man. i swear that murder exciting. i'm expediting your life's end. we multiplying alliance. you biting? well, i'm delighted. welcome to hell, i'm your guidance. dirty nasty, up the ante. drop top, dat way. mr. pop off on a banny.
from the perspective of Beer Can Dan
who is he?. that f**ker a beast. came with the fleet, knock you out your fleece. cold summers, long winters, if need be. f**k the world, b*t*h, i'm balls deep. hold on, call on me. diamonds dancing, homie. running for office, offensive and lawless. balls of the rawest in jaws of the new elect. f**ked up be my set, like ratchets with hatchets wyling. catching necks. i'm 'bout bad sh*t, like where the plague at?. that guy with the lost cause, 51-50. spazzing, screaming, "where the flame at?". i got a bottle of thompson. bunch of sh*tty whiskey in me. gentilly with the 7th ward lord. razor blades slice the vocal chords.
from the perspective of Lil Infected
demons surround me. i'm drowning. i'm fiending for opiates, scheming. i hope it gets colder. the seasons they change but we holding. defeating the opposition. opposite of the compet**ion. flame on. plague calm. stained palms. pop eight pills now the f**king pain's gone. slaying y'all. chain flawed. same song. change long. long mane. raised kong. trained kong to slay them broads. reign strong. from new orleans to atlanta. sip a dirty big shot, f**k a fanta. sell out a show in santa ana. dirty nasty propaganda.
 obey the walrus 
from the perspective of Papa Pine
b*t*h, i feel like tungsten. lungs itch from crumbling piff. a dozen blunts lit stuck on my lips. i summon something bloodless from the f**king pits of hell. yeah, i got fungus growing in my stomach. because i'm chugging wishes from the wishing well. watch me swell from ingesting infectious hopes and dreams. you will never perfect them. smoking weed while i'm texting affections to your hoe named "alexis". added her to my collection. told her, "pull up to the 7th". i got one zip of that dumb sh*t but no protection. now the blunt's lit. she's a punk b*t*h. to my recollection, pu**y like a dungeon. got me mumbling. now i'm flexing at the function. g*59 we run sh*t.
from the perspective of Germ
ran up on 'em with the terror squad. i swear to god. up north, i'm off the snow with a bad lil' hoe. my woes with me on that rambo flow. kick down the door. we don't knock. we send shots. touchdown. i got the pack. roll that sit back. no lack. trusty burner relax on my lap. i got yo' b*t*h on my d**k. audemars wrist, so slick. dripping all wet on my sh*t. i wish a n***a would come claim his b*t*h. i got flame for that sh*t. respect ain't sh*t. y'all n***as ain't sh*t. this sh*t is sickening. never stopping, dn$ the limitless. running, ruling i need infinite. aw, sh*t. roll my dope. bang hoes with my bros. roll that motherf**king ghetty green, a n***a tryna smoke.
from the perspective of Lil Remains
seven grams in the raw cone. f**kboy, it's my d**k you can jump off. oh lord, i just popped me a xan bar. hold court when i ride with the pistol grip. talk sh*t to a fat b*t*h, make her feel average. bet sensei one stack if he smashed it. woke up in the am, i heard that he pa**ed it. migo and meth and lil' germ hit her backwards. dat way. northside shawty got the 40 and the gaudy. purgatory where i reside. east side of highway fifty-nine. westside, that m-i-crooked letter, crooked letter i-p-p-i. we don't see time. we don't decline, but we, but we stay high. shadows under them street lights. keep hoes out of my sight. germ said he got that potent. ruby told meth to roll it. know we keep the best of green, so you know i'm smoking.
 20th centurion 
from the perspective of Big Grieve
make a punk b*t*h bite the curb, american history x. burning churches 'til they dirt. walk off and throw up the set. just another sunday purge, i'm isis with blades and a neck. throw his body to the herd, this what happens when you flex. f**kboy, i laced your mama drink with lsd. gave your sister mescaline then chased her up and down the street. never sleep. stay on the creep to kill you sheep. mark of the beast. walking disease. hell is my theme.
from the perspective of Lil Oozing
gimme a cigarette, my nerves is bad. what the f**k your name is, boy?. i never heard of that. germ is back in the n.o., we made a murder pack. she let out a nervous laugh. swimming in the deep like, where the surface at?. make the sign of the cross, and then i'm skrrtin' in the church's ash. let my soul escape; i'm switching bodies like a hermit crab. home is where the dirt is at. lemme circle back to the days when i said, "f**k the world". it's still me versus that. ruby stuntin' like a circus act.
from the perspective of Germ
who that there with all that flair?, stare into my eyes, i dare you, ride with the carbon pistons in the hood, ben wallace with me, just might shoot you down, don't make no sound, big gun sounds get to rushing, b*t*h, it's nothing, dirtynasty$uicide, it's you or i, it's do or die, b*t*h, it's me, i got hunnids, and i heard your tank's on e, boot me down, i stomp you out, big body b*t*h, hold on my heat, clap 'em with the ratty just for acting all types of cheesy, better believe me, hoe, gimme the cheese and dope
 Chapter 2concrete gorillas in a concrete jungle
 treat her like a prost**ute 
from the perspective of Northside Shawty
it's that gutter motherf**ker from the northside. gold up on my teeth, i got that frostbite. still up in my hood but my bands right. smokin' rock tar out the gla** pipe. swervin' while i'm pa**in' up the red lights. couple xanax in me, need my mind right, mind right. everybody say goodnight to the bad guy. i'm from a place in the dark where the dead die, dead die. f**k your motherf**kin' camera if you cash me ousside. when it comes to heaven's gates you can cash me ousside. slick rick how i pimp on a b*t*h, how 'bout that?. slit wrist, drip, drip 'til i end. $uicide.
from the perspective of Papa Pine
frozen posted with the script bottle open. drippin' like a faucet broken. you think that you the f**kin' wave?. i got the ocean flowin'. you think that you won't catch the fade?. yung $now be f**king locin'. turn your head to marmalade then light a blunt. i'm f**kin smokin'. chokin'. i got ten i'm 'bout to hang. that pu**y boy claim that he misspoke, now he boasting third coast. i'm dirty south. i'm swangin' blades just like a f**king frozen shogun. sip a spell, some muddy potion. pull up, and i flood the function. got a bag, i leave it close, and money come and go. sometimes you broke. sometimes you loaded. i feel so broke; i need to get loaded. "f**k you" always been my slogan. curvin' hoes and blowing o's. i'm slowly rollin' potent, gonna overdose. at least i'm hoping.
from the perspective of Germ
bags to get. only a select few, f**k the rest. big a** rude lil' b*t*h. swallow the stick. thirty round sack left her wet. bags of cess. hit the b***on for the top on the 'vette. bet that hoe ain't never seen nun' like this. big pun rocks on my wrist. i bet you love me, bruh. you look just like me, f**k. back to back sl*ts, no f**ks. just sucks. at ease, boy catch up. front of saks, five fifths. smoke sac. i just wanna dab. too much pa**ion kiss my a**. pull off in the jag. gucci my v guts, can't be touched. came in broken, pick me up. young n***as out here know what's up. back up the coupe. big boof. neck bein' thrown, she the truth. bow down, salute. ski mask tucked tight. weak a** crumb, gimme the loot.
 king cobra 
from the perspective of Yung Snow
i'm the type of person to burn alive while on a sinkin' ship. flickin' ash out of my 'lash. i know what y'all been thinking, b*t*h. $uicide, f**k 'em all. i'm drenched in gasoline and lit. then $lick will grab a broom and tell y'all f**kboys go on and sweep the sh*t. i don't give a f**k about the internet. motherf**k the illusion. y'all confused. don't get my image yet. six-six-six for life. grey my f**kin' army stripes. y'all keep flossin'. y'all keep ballin'. all y'all caught up in a net.
from the perspective of Yung Christ
call your patrolman, i've been programmed to fear no man. you see these tats all on my face?. i don't have no care. i walk around in any city like my home there. you want war, motherf**ker, but yet to declare. hop on a chariot. ridin' through heaven. i'm aiming a .45 at your god. $carecrow the scariest. cut-throat the deadliest. frozen $hogun at my side. every night, rise and die. grey*59 the parasites. who am i? antichrist. the one who makes hades' flames ignite.
from the perspective of Germ
catchin' top in the whip. riding, cruising, wyling. just take a look at me. i'm booted and ashy. talking down 'bout a stupid b*t*h, lookin' for a stupid lick. you really new to this. been on my bullsh*t. gucci linen draped on my women. sinnin' with women out here pushin' limits. worry 'bout me you stupid n***a. stack digits, aye. up my heat in public. air 'em out if they get ignorant. left 'em heaven sent. his partner called on christ, but he irrelevant. lurkin' the pit. die 'bout my sh*t. just look at the wrist, ain't no slits but it drip. ronda rousey in the audi with me. knock a n***a out for me. love that b*t*h.
 here we go again 
from the perspective of Germ
i just might ride with your b*t*h. told her i loved her, lying like sh*t. i'm still boolin' tho. bleedin' concrete, snortin' oxys. feelin' god-body like, who gon' stop me now?. runnin' 'round while blowin' pound after pound. see me now? get hip, get it now. i'm gone 'till november. got into pickin' pockets kinda often, big a**, gas bag. pa**enger side of the cadillac, seat slightly sat back. on my side, i got my baghdad, hotel hoppin'. bombin' back-back, dynamite in the gucci knapsack. ruckus in the church, jesus meet this heathen, he kinda hurt. buzzin' i'm loud, never stoppin' 'till they stick me in the dirt.
from the perspective of $lick $loth
took a benzo, wrote a manifesto. yung hot boy straight from the ghetto. yung $carecrow dyin' where the wind blows. cut-throat motherf**ker robbin' when my ends low, yuh. $outh $ide $uicide. wanna ride in the caddy like do or die. formaldehyde leaking, drippin' all down my eyes. terrified when you see me creepin' in the night. ride like no limit in '96. stunt like i'm wayne on the carter 6. now i got money to get a fix. now my old ex wanna be my b*t*h, what?. this that motherf**kin' gospel. kanye i'm a motherf**kin' monster. c*ck back, put the barrel in your tonsil. $uicide, b*t*h, we the council.
from the perspective of Yung Snow
yung $now spent a fat check. pull up, 'cause i'm pickin' up a hoe in a black dress. silk sheets on the mattress match the blood type o on the hatchet. match the hunnid spokes. when i whip it lookin' like the cadillac bent. lookin' like a car accident. spilled my guts and i spilled my cup. lean on my liver i ain't sippin' it up. hollow out a f**kboy skull so i can sip in peace, my g. don't follow me 'cause bad sh*t happens with germ and $lick. that makes three. sad to see these casualties. they lack the seeds, no matchin' me. these bags of weed, yeah, that's for free. we trash the scene, no gasoline.

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