Did You Getcho Check, Lih Brah? Lyrics

$ilkMoney Lyrics

Hide the money y'all! There's poor people 'round!

Witcha broke a**!

If you're just joining us, black people have gotten their reparations checks today and it's true
All hell has broken loose

Twelve hundred dollars, for the reparations, for all races
N***a did you get it? The only ones who didn't were dependents and then the immigrants
Ain't this some sh*t? Soon as yo check hit you spent it to get you a better piff, a different b*t*h, some retro Jordan kicks, and a Nintendo Switch
I couldn't wipe my a** 'cause the stores empty
I couldn't pay my gas, water, electric, mortgage or afford to get groceries
I couldn't leave my crib because they done told me "sit"
Then felt like a b*t*h, because I listened, and felt controlled by a myth
RFIDs, are in the vaccinations
Marks to the beast for all who inhabit nations, don't know where we lay, and when we masturbating
Man-made to control the population
Contagion rapidly born and exacerbated beyond their imagination
Everyday a stagger case, and
Where the f**k is your white god now, n***a?
The one you pay t**hes to
Bow your heads for on dinner and Thanksgiving
The cracker that lied to you and made you think you was born a Christian
That had defiled you, your mother, and had you all live indignant
I remember, b*t*h, I'm so reminiscing!
How could I ever forget or forgive this when everyday I'm constantly forced to relive it
So detrimental, what it did to my mental, I
Swear I need therapy but it just continues ain't nobody hearing me on the sh*t that I went through
The rent due
And we stretchin' and survivin' like Florida Evans
Same, I'm out the first, but always feel like it's more the second
Should get in hell, cop the hammer and nails but it was sold separate
Your only lesson within this message is way more than "learn how to hold a weapon"
64,000 black women missing, and not one mentioned
All ever Blade did was kill his own people and chase white b*t*hes
N***as highest, and we sinners but in the business non-existent
Still give us drugs, make us plugs, then kick our door off they hinges
Most of my contentions are my five senses and best of my interests
All the real sh*t I'm spittin', gon' have the government send them killers
If I don't end it within this minute, I just might end up missing
And if I killed myself, just know it's fiction, and they really did it

Rock you, again and again and again
Rock you, again and again
Rock you, again and again and again
Rock you, again and again

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