Diamonds Shatter Lyrics

Quintihilator Lyrics

Stopping my ambition
Is just an invitation to express my agitation
I will start an altercation if you start the activation
Of my quickened adaptation
That is just a simulation
Of a powered calibration
That will cause an amputation
And Because your calculation
Was just out of circulation
Added with the combination
Of pre-existing constipation
Will create the cultivation
And then you’ll lose the conversation;
And it will escalate to devastation
Failing out the demonstration
Dying now from deprivation
Drying out from Dehydration
All I need is some water

But all you give is domination
Trying to give me back an education
You are nothing but an emulation
Nothing but a torqued up escalation of a faded exclamation
This is the expiration, of your leaking respiration
Screwing up your generation without a single hesitation
Even almost have a fascination studying the formulation
Until the point of graduation, the illustrated implication
Is a sudden indication that you are an infestation
Causing all the inflammation
In your mind, going f**king blind

Singing out your incantation
Causing all the inspiration
Bringing up the instigation
Constantly stuck to insufflation
Putting yourself in incubation
Losing all of your innovation
All you wanted was isolation
To relax the irritation and the malformation
And this mental masturbation and lack of medication
And meditation will cause a mislocation
Of natural mitigation and moderation
But the molestation gave motivation
To cause mutilation to any nomination or numeration
And the navigation to my obligations
Will be guided by the observations
Of every single occupation or operation
That even comes near me with orchestration
Of accord with the lord with something I abhor
Now for the penetration
That will cause a perforation to the population

Again here’s your proclamation and your presentation
All about your preservation of your shaded procreation
Inspired by propagation and a bit of provocation
Now your quantization given the amount of radiation
That you gave with refutation
Will deny the registration of your former regulation
And will cause a relocation and a sudden reparation
You’ve just killed your reputation and receive a revocation
Of your rights and salutations you will go through segmentation
And even more then separation, you’ll be put in a situation
Where it feels like a simulation, and get put in a speculation and get lost from the stimulation
Causing utter suffocation and sustentation
Then the termination will start your toleration and will go right off the chart
The transformation will require a vaccination
Or will cause an ulceration or a variation of vegetation

So validation, ventilation and vindication, visitation all are required
Or else will be a violation
Then you’ll die of strangulation
Without any resuscitation
To live today we will have to go faster…
The abbreviation of acceleration
Without the circulation
And accommodation from the congregation
Will cause their correlation with the corrupt a****eration to fail without consultation
And a great anticipation with a fake appreciation
But their innate articulation has an a**imilation
To bring back asphyxiation, and be your a**a**ination
To break authentication for your rivaled authorization
To create the contemplation of your faded constellation
Or your sudden cultivation of a bloody decimation
That displays your deformation like a bloody decoration
But will be the concentration of a crazy complication
That will be your consolation for your final palpitation
You will feel the last rotation and a grinding hard vibration before
You start to feel the pain
You will start to feel sedation and a bit of last salvation
You will feel the limitation of your sudden expiration
Now get lost in exhilaration
Nothing but exaggeration
Now it’s time, evacuation
Now it’s time, elimination
Now it’s time, elimination

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