Desperation Lyrics

1st Vows Lyrics

Charles Hamilton... no intro

What the f**k you want me to do?
It seems like you want me to lose
Is that true?
It ain't my fault I ain't as comfy as you
You couldn’t ever live a month in my shoes
Imagine a day, at least in a month tomorrows promise
But one day can break tomorrows promise
I’m sick of this sh*t even tho its hard to vomit
I make sense to me, but you can't stand Charles nonsense
Voices in my head yea its hard to stop it
I bought my way into freedom its hard to cop it
Everyone has a f**king suggestion ya’ll should stop it
I was doing me before you could see all the hot sh*t
So don’t tell me how to do what I been doing
Since my mother and my father started doing it, you’ll ruin it
And if that happens the consequences suck
I’m starving like Marvin
So you got to give it up
What the f**k

I guess this is the sound of my desperation
I guess this is the sound of my desperation
I guess this is the sound of my desperation

I was given 3 wishes
And I didn’t ask for you, hints my c*cky a** att**ude
You can't be mad at me cuz I'm mad at you
So shut up and take it you gonna have to move
And I don’t like waiting in line
So take a little hate in your mine
And move b*t*h this ain't your cup of pepto
I don’t give to sh*ts
Charles Hamilton the one man movement

I guess this is the sound of my desperation
I guess this is the sound of my desperation
I guess this is the sound of my desperation

Honestly I don’t even wanna rap any more on this song man
I just wanna talk I feel like there's some things on my chest that I wanna get off

Nobody was there when I lived in Cleveland and I had that little toy Yamaha keyboard, the little yellow keyboard nobody
Nobody was there when I moved to Harlem and I had the 49 key Casio keyboard nobody
Nobody was there when I got the Yamaha PSR 225 and I first started making beats nobody
And it seems like even nowadays nobody understand that
And the few people that do understand ain't mad that Im saying what Im saying right now
So if you wanna make your little suggestions, you wanna tell me what I should be doing with my life
Where the f**k were you!?
I swear Im standing in this booth right now and Im trying not to say names and sh*t
But ya’ll are really pushing me
I wake up in the morning like .. am I losing my mind?
Is somebody trying to take my spot?
Is there another Charles Hamilton?
And in that same second I realize Im the only one that’ll act if theres another Charles Hamilton
That should tell you something
Stop telling me what to do becuz if listening to any of you makes sense before this moment
I’d be fine all my life
Thank you HchO I love you man
I love you Simone
And theres a bunch of other names that actually have genuine love for me
And I know who we all are and if ya’ll real then ya’ll feel the love right now other then that ya’ll can suck a d**k straight up
I bet you just nodding your head right now like this is just a f**king hot song right?
That’s how I know you prolly ain't one of the real people fake person listening to this song
Welcome to my life
I like to call it the Lavalamp Zone, the Charles Hamilton Zone, the Starlight Zone all that sh*t
The world is my playpen says my mother and I feel like a f**king baby, let me rattle the world
Charles Hamilton I'm outta here

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