Depression Be Hitting Like Mike Tyson Lyrics

33 Life Lyrics

Shawty is a bad b*t*h
Lipstick on point
French kiss
Yeah, off rip
Do this, do that
Undress, focus
Hocus-pocus, hocus-pocus
These ain't Bape, these are Golden Goose
You ain't got no swag, you ain't got no juice
I'm in ATL, but I'm from Hell
Put your toes in my mouth, but baby don't tell
I'm a freak, you a freak, we some freaks, yuh
On the move, makin' movies on the street, yeah
Dad lookin' at me crazy, tatted like a fool
Everywhere I go, I can't f**kin' lose
You and me are the sun and the moon
I'll make you, the one and the two
F**k it, blood I be spillin' out
Don't worry baby I'll let you know if I'm not feelin' that

Round two
I don't play that sh*t
Got a fast car, custom plates and sh*t
I don't give a sh*t, b*t*h it is what it is
Depression be hittin' like Mike Tyson
Gonna be okay like "okay Shrimp"
In the gallery I'm eatin' lobster bits
F**kin' me good and she swallow my kids
Makin' dreams come true, so don't waste it
I been goin' hard, b*t*h you know what it is
Step in the room and everybody know who it is
Doin' all this magic like hocus-pocus
Hocus-pocus, baby, hocus-pocus

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