Depression Always Wins Lyrics

6VIB3Z Lyrics

I'm like "Why the good always gotta die young?"
Molly mixin' pills, cocaine tonight
Rockstar lifestyle turn you to a junkie
Old friends back home thinkin' that they know me

Two cell phones, got hoes, And the nose bleed
Now buried with anxiety, I'm buried alive
Only know sucking pills, you're just watching me die
Yeah, love's too hard, so I don't even try
Didn't want you here, but you're trapped in my mind
I've been leaning off the shrooms so I'm feeling too fine
I'm like "All gas, no brakes", emotion no comeback
Feelin' too sad, you will never calm down

Always left a note
I feel down right now
I'm in Cali doing drugs with my old friends
Got my new b*t*h driving in an old benz
Got an all-black tint on the damn lens
Now I'm hoping that you're buried to the damage
Got a switch blade, shawty now, hoping I can manage
Hearts so broke now, too much damage

Why the good always gotta die young?
Molly mixin' pills, cocaine in the night
Rockstar lifestyle turn me to a junkie
Old friends back home thinkin' that they know me

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