Deep Water Freestyle Lyrics

X (ItsXMusic) Lyrics

Wait, let me get my two cents in 'fore you speak
All I ever wanted was a Benz and a beat
Pops told me, you gon’ learn to swim or you'll sink
Pay attention they sleep when they sense you a beast
I can see, they gon' feel the wrath of a t**an
Trust me, every bit of gas’ll get siphoned
Sh*t ain't what it seem do the math get enlightened
It's freezing in Greenland and gra** is on Iceland
It don't make sense I know but it's true
It's messing wit' ya' soul like the hole in ya’ shoe
N***as looking like, "How he get the Hulk in a noose?"
Listen every bit of thunder that I stole was from Zeus
It’s amazing, I'm elusive as Satan
I teach you the rules of engagement they’re usually forsaken we taking these tools to the basement to detonate a nuke on the nation
You wit' it I admit it, I'm in it for the long haul
When they get to talking 'bout the wizard it ain’t John Wall
Literally on the road to riches wit' a sawed-off
When you see me standing in the middle of the crosswalk
Better take ya' foot off the gas, I got next
Tread light when you walk in this path that God blessed
Bottom line I don't care if you rap you not X
You gon' need more equipment to trap the Loch Ness
I confess, you really shoulda been nicer to the kid with the weapon I get the impression you mighta had a different perception until I get what I deserve and I'm considered a legend I'm trumping everybody like I'm tryna win the election
I promise, they gon' put you in witness protection
I'll be climbing through the window like they sent me directions
When you really got the gift they gon' envy ya' presence
And I'm catching on, quick as number 10 for the Texans
I got bars on bars like the Las Vegas strip
Barely heating up and I could sauté a fish
Where you going, tell 'em this is an all-day event
Why they looking like they don't know who the archangel is?
Wait a minute, moment of silence
What were you thinking ain't no one colder than I am
Listen when I'm speaking and don't be defiant
I don't think you noticed you woke up a giant
I don't lie got it master locked
That's why they sweating like the plug when he pa** the cops
I told moms I would never be the laughingstock
We got it all, sh*t I don't know how to act distraught
I bet they do, I see 'em in the comments
Lately I been speaking to my conscience
Why they wanna test me? I know I shouldn't feed into the nonsense
But I just can't believe what's in the contents
They really got it twisted, you should get ya' facts in line
You gotta know when you dealing wit' a mastermind
I was built around a mic like the Jackson 5
So when they tell me I'm the best I ain't a tad surprised
I put work in, never had a reason to panic
Sleep if you can and wake up with TNT on ya' hammock
I've done it before, inadvertently sink an Atlantis
You drifting with the wrong current and it's easy to vanish in deep water

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