Deafaz Lyrics

Qasas Lyrics

You talk that sh*t on the phone
Are you dumb fam? mans don’t know
You ain’t got bars or time or flow
Don’t talk like you’ve moved or lived on roads

Can’t rap what the mans can’t show
You just cap and you chat like no
You’re not black fam let that go
Sayin’ go back to your crackden home

You want beef then yeah? let’s go
And embarra** yourself some more
Cause we knew that you can’t throw down
Let alone fight me on your own
I suggest you stay ten toes
Go on keep your fake friends close
Cause the way you’re movin’ shaky
Mandem better know I won’t ghost
Straps in your songs? like bro
Traps in your life? like Woah
Bet you impress all your birds and hoes
That you f**k with clap so your fam gets tokes
You pull up yeah? fam that’s jokes
Do your fans know that you’re broke?
But you talk bout p’s and gucci
Better know mans don’t cut like throats

My ex bird had you shook
My next got your life taken
The next words that you chat up
Better be fam please you’re mistaken
So don’t think that mans is playin’
Go back to the life you’re fakin’
Cause I swear down try me rude boy rugu touch down all Jamaican

Swear down try me better know mans won’t like me so it’s likely
Boxed out said he won’t find me
This phones known you from time G
Bless up the gyals who diss you yeah it’s easy notify me
And i’ll find you lifeless face-up
Better go home right now start hiding

Don’t need to announce i’ma diss
Done feeling it out like i did
Mans biggin’ it up to a kid
Sayin’ you’ll bang me look at the vid
Speaking of vids your own crew showed you getting knocked out like a wasteyute slid
Mans pipin’ it up ten quid that i bang this mans out bet i bid
Aiming right at you gwon for a mill
Talkin’ bout traps like he knows what’s real
You don’t want clashins mans could kill
Fam i just beg your pardon starvin look at this wasteyute fresh off pills
Try and act hard and mans like harden end this yute i will
Always so dry on the track
Dont think that you’ll soon come back
Headtop really can’t move like that
Dead drop really might soon attack
Bet you say you’re the hardest
But you’re the lokey farthest
Cuttin this yute like harvest
You’re bout to get discarded
How can you say you’re bout that
Sayin you’ll shoot i doubt that
Biggin ups like you talk down says who
Money on me i count that
Blood is on me like like count drac
Dissing yous just one soundtrack
Run up on me put the money in the safe finna pull up in a wraith like outback

I got mans from the ben to the dot
You can’t say sh*t send for the lot
You wear fake sh*t and say you’re the top but i’m soon on the way which i’m soon gonna drop
I got bands in the bank what you got
When i land all i stand is the op
When i can you can bet that i’ll go ham man i just stand on the whip like a cop

All of your bars are just pure chat sh*t
Where are your cars or next new b*t*h
Sayin you’re hard are you vex that’s rich
Comin like nah nah you can’t do sh*t
Sipping on lagar i text your girl
Think you’re a hard arse i check your ill
Sayin your topboy like nah i’m the topboy cuz you’re getting dropboy cuz next i kill

Think you’re the man well i think that’s cap
Who’s gonna stand still i lay you flat
Gun the backseat your girl is a batrri
So they never catch me i wear all black
You’re just a wasteman you can’t go back
I’m your replacement i count your racks
Drum with a ba** man is all that it takes fam i’m takin you out just with one new track

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