Dead Skin Lyrics

7 Birches Lyrics

What if it's white lights as you wash ashore? Reunion with those who left before. What if there's tranquility that we can’t be shown? Do I have to die to ever really know?

This has to be the start there's no way it all ends here. Our lives seem so meaningful and there's no need to fear what comes after death. So I’ll sleep soundly thinking this is the start, while I discern the point at which I depart

What if the those who left are only gone from our minds, but their really living on in some other point in time

What if a self observing system can't observe its own collapse? Can we truly comprehend death any more than our past? What if it just fades to black? What if when we’re gone it’s just dark? What if there's nothing? What if there’s nothing?

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