Dead of Night Lyrics

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Got a life full of problems and a fist full of dope
I live to see another day
Swear to Satan when its over
Contemplating, should I stay or should I go
I take a hit to ease my mind
F**k it mane I'm out the door
Doomshop what I'm reppin
So there's lessons to be taught
I'll neva out sell for the fame
Underground is where I'm walking
Know The Trio down to ride
Get to steppin' if ya flaugin'
Tenngage in the backseat rolling up the potent
Light up ya f**king blunts
Pa** it to my brother Baker
Now we high up in this junt
And while Akoza grip the grain
I go ahead and load the gun
It's a homicide
In the dead of night screaming SixSet
We da clique
F**k the other side
All this lemon bustas trying test my pimpin'
But I'm stayin' on my grind
I'm just providing for my family
F**k these haters let em panic
Neva fall I keep on planning
Know them demons taking over everything we demanding
Its The Trio hoe

From '91, a bad seed
Smoking bud to pa** the time
My mind is filled with hellish sh*t
I stopped the crimes and started to rhyme
Them late nights made me strong
A young playa on his own
Deep in my eyes, you'll see the hate for all of those who've done me wrong
No remorse the flames my course
Hate for life is not my source
I turn my back on all these b*t*hes who can't take the f**king roles
Of what I bring
I cannot sing these demons taking over me
You bustas sounding weak with what you speak
That sh*t don't hold to me
State of mind coming from the south side
When I sit I'm bumpin' phonk to help me ease and pa** the time
Smoking dope with the windows closed, a freak upon my lap
Living life like I don't care cause b*t*h I don't know how to act Coming heavy with the devilish
Smoke another cancer stick
And fade into the mist of what's to come from all this darker sh*t Stay day to day in this hate I burn away, but I don't care this pain don't phase
I've come to cope and live in vain

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