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I can't understand it, everything was going so well. The fur on my cat was just starting to grow back. I just got my new color membership card in the James Dean "get it over night" fan club, complete with personalized autographed picture, faded blue jean jacket, and the first in a series of "strange but very cool" twisted sister dance LP’s. Then I get this letter from my dentist, and it says:

Well Mr. B., you tried to run and hide
Said you'd be back in three short months
How come you went and lied?
Got ta come down. Put those feet in your shoes
Got ta come down and stop cryin' those D.D.S. blues

Now I'm really bummed. I have to take a day off my job with the No Brag, Just Fact Security and Alarm Company, where our motto is "The only decision you'll have to make is: Who goes in after the snake in the morning." Then I remembered that sound, you know the scary one that can put a "booger look" on a pit bull. So I sent this letter to my dentist, and it said:

Dear Dr. D., got your notice just today
Read it once and tossed it out. Nothin' left to say
Ain't got ta come down. Put your feet in my shoes
Ain't gunna come down. Cuz ya got me singing
Those D.D.S. blues

So, just remember, the next time your dentist tracks you down and that curiously strong feeling of panic runs over the entire length of your body, just slip into the spirit world, write yourself a letter, and address it to your local doctor of dental science

Hey, can't you see, if you try to let it slide
They'll want you back in three short months
You can't just run and hide
You got to sit down. Start spreadin' the news
You got to sit down and start singing those D.D.S. blues

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