Dawm Lyrics

Quin NFN Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
Pu**y n***a better not argue, yeah, yeah, yeah
Grrah , yeah, yeah, yeah
Pu**y n***a better not argue, yeah
Hold on, hold on, yeah

I'll let 'em wait, but I grind to get it
Can't waste time with childish b*t*hes
All gold plain jane
My lil' bro did the same thang, I put some diamonds in it
Still got bowls for the low
You can come score you a O for the wildest ticket
I'm not in the mix tryna kick it with n***as and b*t*hes
Get money and mind my business
Workin' the wheel, I might wreck the Benz
Go to the mall with nothing less than ten
Know he hate on the low
But I hit his ho, now he say we best of friends
Don't give a damn who like me
Still wear Nike but I'm never checking in
In the club I brought my weapon in
I got this ho from my Mexican friend, yeah
You the one went on that lick, huh?
You tryna die with your clique, huh? Ayy
Watch out for n***as, they switch up, ayy
Can't never come down, I been up, ayy
When they knock me down, I get up
Got a whole hundred rounds, get lit up
Moncler bubble coat and it's zipped up
Ten times out of ten I'm sticked up
Let's get this sh*t off a stud
I'm really having the paper they want to
We get him hit for a verse
We need some holes in his shirt like Goku
They never play with us
They know one thing for sure, it's some sh*t you will go through
I took your ho from the club
Showed her a dub, she act like she don't know you, yeah
Go get the Benz out the lot right now
The dealer gon' throw me the keys
You n***as rookie, know deep down they pu**y
Still tryna go on and scheme
Y'all can't kick, makes your shoulder lean
I do this sh*t with no effort
He tryna brawl we got the sticks in the mall
You better find you a wrestler
She tryna f**k, I bought the ho a lil' Prada
She say I make her feel special
In the hotel with a four-nick' on the dresser
We get him hit for the pressure, yeah
They say I got much better, yeah
They know we dodged on pedals, yeah
Big bag and all y'all jealous
I want thirty-five, I might add extra

And don't argue with me
Brought another bad b*t*h, is in the club with me
So don't argue with me
In this b*t*h, choppas out, know we strapped up
So don't argue with me
Play around with double G, get clapped up
So don't argue with me, ayy
Have lil' bro spark the .50

Ayy, don't argue with me
Yeah, pu**y n***a better not argue with me, yeah, yeah, yeah
Don't argue with me, have my brother spark the .50, yeah, yeah

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