Da Fukk Outta Here Freestyle Lyrics

2nd Generation Wu Lyrics

Look I don't need the music
All I need is the pu**y to abuse it
And I'm not a rapist either, I'm not Jack Ripper or Jack The Ripper
I'm just the one who hold the microphone to strip her, yknow?
I talk on a cellular phone
I'm the big muthaf**ka, Inshalla, I'm a Little Dipper
Y'know I come from a far place, my momma coochie
I come from a good grace, your grandma sushi
I come from a stink place, where George Bush could get erased
All of you man, I love all of you
But nobody would understand what we coming to do
Young 2nd Generation W-W-Wu

It be the muthaf**kin 5th in your area, tearing up
Causing ma** hysteria with damagers
Emcees, they need bandages
Caught me on the cameras, he was brown skinned, nappy hair, holding hammers up
You know me as a young n***a with the big head
Now you catch me with the model b*t*hes with the big heads
Or in the field with them killers who be rubbing they nose
Puffing them boogers, smell that snotty sh*t all in my clothes
Moving through hookers, I be flowing like a fetus in the pu**y
You won't be born again if you n***as try and push me
Lil n***a looky, I show you how to do this son
It's still the Father, don't front cuz you need one
Ya need one

I shock you how I got through, getting shot through my own body or playing a sport would be changing my walk
Life is too hard, I'm playing Monopoly
Imma be king so kiss on the ring, popping that pu**y like you on the Molly
My only hobbie? Just listen to Poppy,
Live in the dungeon, my heart is a black box
Lungs black from the cash crop, run fast from the bad cops
Do the running man with the gun in hand
Smart cop named Cunningham
Dishing out all the punishment but only Gods try to punish man
B*t*h I'm popping like John Snow till death
L-O-L, you are though
Booking dot com, book in dot, yeah
I be going hard wherever I go
BOB is just a sideshow with some crusty clowns and a tight hole
N***as Flacko, half Gatto
Just tryna focus on my nachos
I was scared to let the light in, but it's lit now, I'm enlightened
Used to grin while comitting sin, tryna get to M's like Bison
I'm a heavyweight like Tyson but I write bars, no biting
Use lightning when I'm writing so I'm worshipped by the Vikings

It's timeless, tell a n***a to rewind this
King toker, they call me your Highness
Only smoke the finest, but I'm off the Bah-Bah
Got your baby on the podcast, calling me, dadda
Ran through dimensions, landed on 5th
With a forty ounce of wisdom and my hand full of spliffs
One sixty, lives in my heart, be that ooo sh*t
N***as say I sound like Mef, it be that Wu sh*t
Control over your mind, with one thesis
No love for a chicken, n***a chest anemic
My n***as put a shot in yo' a** like free clinics
You know Fif' always spitting out sh*t, I need a dentist
In a field full of rats and snakes, I be the-

Nothing prepared
Door closed, we on air
In a radio show
Matter fact we all here
We speaking everything
Words, no mumble, all clear
Matter fact you could see us dogs, we all clear
No vision, they don't got it
When it come through, we all shot it
Everybody that's outside, they don't got it
Like I said again, think they gotta hear it twice
That's how they do it with the pen, when i'm coming through it's like I'm in the pen
Straight in a box, matter fact I'm coming straight within
The power that's coming through the chest, right out the chin
Uh, and I spit right off the-

Off the top of the dome, huh?
Yo f**k it
I just started from the top of the road
Yeah, started from the top of the globe
Yeah, I hit this sh*t from the top of the-
Yeah, and let drip from the top of your nose
Yeah, they said it's 40 grams of b***er, yeah, .40 in the leather
Yeah, .40 in the sweater getting-
Don't f**k around, and get caught around
And get a couple rounds and lay from a-
Throw that double in the air n***a, for flare n***a
Throw that sh*t up like Ric Flair n***a, prepare n***a
Y'all don't wanna...with the...fled n***a, you scared n***a
Take that sh*t out of the park, put it in gear n***a
Cuz they be working then it spark
Sell you....in the dark....lurking in the vlog
Like saying working celly, working in the dark
Yeah I'm ride a kite, sh*t coming from my heart
Ha, n***as still be laughing at me
Ride a kite to my b*t*h, yeah she was laughing at me
Nah I came home, yeah she ain't happy happy
Everybody laughs
Yeah that's the Laffy Taffy

Said I wish a n***a'd violate the links
And n***as would get buried six feet with they homies, rest in peace
.45 lift your homie off his feet
If youngin' want beef I don't care they bringing in forty deep
I won't stop till your body is deceased
Sun God is a beast
One shot'll leave your car in the street
When I pop you'll be dodging the heat
Whole squad be on creep, all black camouflage and with heat
When I catch you, imma rob you to sleep
Gun so big, you hold it long, feel your arms getting weak
Plenty armor in the V, rocket launcher in the seat
Ask around, n***a imma back you down
If you the king imma snatch your crown
Call me Master Pitch, pitching rocks what I mastered now
You like Bishop, get nervous then you pa** the pound
Any club or anywhere else they patch you down
The semi Ruger leave you backwards, clown
You try to trap me how?
And just watch how I break you down
Cross your boy and get found in the muthaf**kin' lake
Drowned to death, beat the f**k up cuz n***as is fake
And real n***as don't run into Jakes, I put the 'K in your face
I'm not hungry? Then I'm wasting a plate
Stop crying 'fore I open the safe
Before I open and spray and blow your brains out your muthaf**kin face
Ice skate, they gon' catch a case, these n***as featherweight
Tre Pound, Tre Pound beam'll make em levitate
Shots hit his chest make his insides elevate
Deuces on the rise, flying by on the interstate
Fire when the end is...why it gotta end this way?
He say, she say, imma kill you anyway
War, let's get it on, we can do it any day
Loans, I'm top dog, n***as that's-
I said, n***as better stay in they place before I spazz this plastic Mag on, leave a whole in your face
Who the young n***a holding the weight?
Got every thug from dope to bud, even small package of ba**
N***as can't look God in the face
Can't look in my eyes, I tell you why, cuz that thing on my waist
And bread and b***er got it all for sale
And I'm ducking the cops on every block, I ain't going to jail
I ain't the type that'd rot in a cell
Never talk or fist fight but momma I be popping them shells
Hit your chest and your flesh flip, hotter than hell
Them hollow tips feeling hotter than hell, it's not worthy
F**k in the white tees and throwback jerseys, Julius Irving
Black suburban
Twist it on 151, my whip swerving

Sha rock it like the star ships, spark it with a big flick
16 go around in my cypher before you paused it
Burn the verse like the finest of strands
I doubted my man cuz I’m Liu Kang with the fire in hand
All this sour, all these hours
I wreck you cowards, I put the time in and have all this power
I’m astounding, yes I’m astounding
Beat production's black and blue with this lyrical pounding
Challenge me? Yeah that’s something that you never do
Life's a beach so we here ‘cause it’s easier to bury you
Two rips got me blasted, I'm hand crafted
Detonate when they hit the aux now, I’m a savage
I been told you 'bout this rappin sh*t
I been nice while you n***as spit that average sh*t
I’m not in the convo? sh*t is so embara**ing
I'ma keep droppin' on 'em til they in them carriages
Black suit, tight face, in the box, stiffed up
By the time I exit the booth, I got 'em zipped up
Boy I flow like the ocean when the levee broken
Do you get the notion now where the f**k I’m going?

I said
Oh my God it's that holy sh*t, b*t*h I could make the ocean split
I'm the son of a legend, humble, nobody notices
I be moving, you motionless, boy I'm dope and I'm focusing
Exponential thirst is of pure coercive explosiveness
I'm about my paper until I'm meeting my maker
Liquor with no chaser, this "scoop me" a booty shaker
Her hands so low she was gripping my lightsaber and had a taste of my flavour
I choked her like Darth Vader

F**k it
You think your big homie live? I swear to God he ain't living this sh*t
I twirl him up, n***a send him his sticks
In a telly, we meet, she feeling me cuz she feeling this d**k
Slow it down mommy, gimme a kiss
Tell her send it around for one shot, yeah who tryna get big?
Crouched up n***a, under the fence
And I'm against all odds, bet on black, yeah, the money you get
Scramble your eggs and smother your grits
Spit this hot, yeah I'm feeling like the oven with mitts
You wanna pop? Yeah who tryna get rich?
Yeah that's fourteen bricks that's right there? Yeah who f**kin' with Mitch?
That's your wife? Tell her get off this d**k, she tight mad
My bad, without this feeling I split
I'm Mike but the n***a ain't this
He alright, 'nother n***a

He said your big homie live? I swear to God he ain't living this sh*t
I twirl him up, n***a send him his sticks
In a telly, we meet, she feeling me cuz she feeling this d**k
Turn around mommy, gimme a kiss
Tell her send me a shot off one round, yeah who tryna get big?
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