D-Sturbed Words Lyrics

Q-Unique Lyrics

Note: This issupposed to be a strange song, so don't stress to hard over it

*Somebody speaking another language*
*One of the Arsonists taking the mickey out of that lanquage*
*Somebody speaking in another language*
*unknown robotic speaking*
My two frogs, they got burned on the radiater
Two got flushed in the toilet and the two cookies fell
Oh man is that my beeper?
Two pizzas said Yo
The deal is in real
Peace my brother said coming down the street, where you at kid where you at?
Where's the lime-green apple-sauce kid?
Forty-eight times I told you don't go!
The milk is not their
Monkey where you at monkey?
He said to me and my Father's telling me Yo father what you tellin' me? Daddy, daddy don't like me
He said Daddy, Daddy the refridgerater's by the gate
I don't care what school you got to
I was tellin' him yo you don't know me I'm not real!
I said kid the TV is on channel thirteen
You know thirteen as in the teen and the feen and the reen?
The sky was black, it almost looked like candy-apple green
Hey sweetie, what's going on with your metal plates?
Well now what you see, is the sun coming down on to the bus
I said the sun comes down to the bus
I said the sun comes down on to the bus
So you play my CD, I call dumbleekunti
And he didn't know it
I said who's your God, and he said lahumpli!
I was like baby, you so sweet, your nectar is from my reflecter!
I'm a flatunplii
I know who I am, and do you know who you am?
I was wih the chicken by the hippo
I was with the chicken by the hipp-o
Born with a monkey funky junky, who do you think you are you flunky?
I was a winner not a winner
Everybody knows my style
Coz the pimp said I was for Ninety-nine cence

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