D-700 Lyrics

Xy Lyrics

"Remorse for what?
You've, people have done everything in a world to me
Doesn't that give me equal right?
I can do anything I want, you, people, in anytime I want to
Because that's what you've done to me
If you spit in my face or smack me in a mouth and throw me in solitary confinement for nothing
What do you think is gonna happen when I get out of here?"

Lately, I've been caught
Brought up in conversation
According to calculations
My life should be confiscated
Investigators interrogate us
Just for a citation
One nation under god
More like a nation build by satan
Wallowed in my sorrows
Not promised to see tomorrow
It's hard to speak from my heart
That's been drained of blood and left hollow
Dream believe and succeed
Or just leave it for those who follow
I'd rather give than receive
So by any means you a target
Regardless street credit retarded
Hard to get like the lotto
Money, power, respect
Ima natural born desperado
Bombarded by sinners
So my finger stay on the trigger
Life's a bargain like charges
Intensified with no witness
They crucified me in the courtroom
Advertised me a villain
Tried to give me time for a crime
Wasn't even around when committed
I'm predicted to be vindictive
Uplifted but yet restricted
Resentments of pa** convictions
Imprisoned just off suspicion
What happened to that amendment
The right to speak our opinion
I'm guilty until proven innocent
Clearly confused with ignorance
Once you become a witness
Your nothing more than a victim
And anything that you say
Can and will be used against you...

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