Culture Of Death Lyrics

7L & Esoteric Lyrics

"I can feel death in this room. I feel... A twisted mind... Sending me thoughts... Perverted, murderous thoughts… Ahh!"

My raps insidious, we the epitome of hideous
The grittiest attack format
Give me that track
It's the Village of the Damned
We like militant gorillas
Pillaging ya land
Killing ya clan
We real in this, like throwing children in vans
I'm stepping through the gates of hell
with 87 murder weapons still in my hands
I'm violent by design
Parents resigned
I travel back in time
And redefine his mind to his prime
We on the grind
Your doom is inescapable
My hate is insatiable
Shaking you

I prophesize like Gabriel
Military, killed and buried
Filling every hole in ya face with dirt, gravel, and toxic waste
Ya infantry's knee deep
Seeking defeat
In 128 degree heat
Shameless as a pharaoh
Maiming you with flaming arrows
You just a shorty trying to ball like Dana Barros

You stand up to my crew and get laid down
The rap slayer, motherf**ker, say ya prayers

What I hold in my hand could fold a frying pan
The air and sand do as I command
And if I want the night to last
Across the sky vast
The clouds won't even allow light to pa**
My group leave alien loops inside gra**
Roll trees and Dutchmas', flutes of bra**
A must-have
Like my dagger and cloak
And red streaks of blood on my white labcoat
A virgin first vote to give her her first poke
She crept over to my crib after church broke
Since we ain't spoke, but I hit it dumb ways
The unsaved
Some days I don't bathe
Unphased by the light and the scorching flame
While tears fall from the ice dripping off ya brain
Even if you cry it won't soften the pain
Your art is dead, you should go and get your coffin framed

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