Crippling Depression Lyrics

8corpses Lyrics

I love dope
Copious amounts of narcotics
I’m neurotic
Diagnosed psychotic
Been a fiend ever since a jit
Never really had the chance to be a kid
Addicted off the scripts
This life is a b*t*h
I’m transfixed on dying off like Jimi Hendrix
Popping barbiturates until I just vomit
People couldn’t care less even if they were in a coffin
I’m on a binge
Slave to the syringe, inject Dilaudid up in my skin
Send me to oblivion
Side effect of addiction
I do drugs to numb this affliction
Seldom, do I care?
Here I am going nowhere
Feeling mediocre
Put me in a coma
Intoxicated by the soma
Euthanasia be the only panacea
For this schizophrenia, what a horrid phenomena
My brain feels like an unstimulated
Bowling ball submerged in quicksand
I’m an arbitrary skeleton often wishing to be toe tagged

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