Corrupt them all (Omayeh) Lyrics

333STAIN Lyrics

Aye, Yuh, Aye, Yuh, Aye, Okay
Welcome to the Omayeh tape

Dirty goth she got a pretty face
Beat it up like ima catch a case
Hit you wit the pistol whip it like Tay-K
Aye quick quick, ion gotta race
Rat me out, she a dirty mouse
Smoking sh*t like you a bloody mouth
Run up the set with a dirty dancer
Had my b*t*hes dancing to the cabbage patch
Talk sh*t like i was on sh*t
? like i wrote b*t*h
Freestyle this bih, like i wrote sh*t
Get to the bag like i tote sh*t
I don't know why they don’t know sh*t
Cuz i'm pretty sure i got they hoe lit
Suck on me, she get the whole d**k
And she wanna rock with me like misfit, aye

Corrupt them all
Corrupt- aye

I know you want it back
Come and get ya bag
Ima take ya sh*t, if you dont want it back
Stain will rob ya house
Just to make a stack
Dont know what we'll do to you if you made us mad
Run it back, come it get ya bag, aye
Movin fast, aye
You a scallywag, aye
Red flag, aye
Life is such a drag, aye
Que the mag, aye
Children all the ?, aye

They’re frickin' inter dimentional invaders okay, destroy the child, corrupt them all, this is their plan people, these are demons

? dirty b*t*h
Tried to suck up on me
Now he wanna start
Starts a f**king ?
He dont give a sh*t
Pull up on him, f**k his b*t*h
I bust it in her face quick
You know what i call that right?
I gotta

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